Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Knees in the Breeze

I work nights this week. Today I slept until 2:30 then lazed around in my nighty for a while. I love these hot sunny days. I find a shady spot. Put my feet up and sit back with a novel or a sudoko puzzle, or even just daydream and let my mind drift off to other places and times. Being able to work at night so I can enjoy most of the day is a blessing.

I had a nice long email from Kayla today. She has made some tough decisions recently. Decisions that dont please everyone, but she cant be thinking of what is best for every one else . Right now she has to do what is best for herself. I cant imagine such a young person having the strength which she possesses. I know she will pull through all this, she is too much of a fighter not to!

I took a little quiz called What sort of Phtographer are you, I think its a pretty accurate discription of me.

You're the official photographer!
We can see that you have more of an analytical mind than most people and that you're probably on hand to take record important events regardless of whether it is a wedding, graduation, or just the time when a group of friends came round for dinner. This doesn't mean that you're herding people around in search of the perfect group photo, more that you think about the subjects more carefully than most. This attitude is also reflected in your personal life. We can't see you endlessly running blindly from task to task. It's not that you always take your time to do things properly, more that you think about the situation rather than just charging in to see what develops.

Hope you are enjoying your week.


Sandy's Space said...


I just started reading your blog. I will bookmark it as I really like how you write. Kindred spirits are everywhere.


Faye said...

Thanks for visiting my space. The pictures were taken way back in the woods near where the wedding was. We drove for miles until we came to this clearing with the mountain and stream running through. It was such a beautiful spot!

Barbara said...

Please let Kayle know she has a stranger on Vancouver Island praying for her.
Keep us posted. ;)

mum said...

Hi Susan, what a tough little girl Kayla is, she surely has the internal strength to fight this battle.
she has a very mature head on those narrow shoulders, hopefully she will be tough enough to endure the next few months, it is a tough row to hoe, especially when your family are not strong enough to cope. Our prayers and thoughts are with this brave little girl.

Gary said...

I love that knees in the breeze photo. Makes me want to jump in a pool.

poet said...

enjoy your weekend. not being a fan of heat (as Everyone knows now), i am happy to say i 'think' (cautious optimism here) the humidity level is finally going down. it is 17C and clear and almost fresh. maybe, just maybe the heatwave is over, and we can all enjoy a summer not filled with sweat & cold showers. poet

Fred said...

The pool looks very inviting. I enjoyed sleeping in late when I had the summer off; too bad that time has eneded for me.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Dick said...

Sleeping in late, or not, whatever I want to do, is one of the benefits of being retired. The pool looks very inviting, especially with the high temps our area has had recently.