Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Day at the Beach

Spanish Banks in Beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.
That's in Canada, for those of you geographically challenged. Looking at these pictures you may think its New Zealand or some exotic place.

Surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean, this is one of my favorite places. Monday was the Canada Day Stat. (bank) holiday. We packed a picnic. Luckily I had thought to chill the eggs and tuna overnight , and made the sandwiches on frozen bread. When we went to buy ice for the cooler, the first few places we went were sold out. Last day of a hot, long weekend will do that. Luckily we found some at The Great Canadian Superstore, I suppose that is why they are great!

So, picnic safely chilled, we set off.
We found a parking spot right at the edge of the beach, so only had to tote our clobber a few feet, and we were set up with a spot in paradise! We were right near the volleyball nets, so lots of entertainment there. The boys were willing judges in ability and bikini suits. Apparently, the better one looks in a bikini, the less it matters how skilled at the game she is!

Myself, I remained under my beach umbrella, protecting my whiteness. This gal is well past her bikini volleyball days. We ate our lunch and were relieved to see that the egg and tomato sandwiches were relatively unscathed.
The kids set off for a swim together. Because this beach is in a bay, the water is shallow for a long time. They wade out for ages before it gets deep enough to swim.

Out in the harbour are the freighters that Keith does inspections on at work. This photo makes it appear so close, but its just an optical illusion. Those mountains in the background are ski slopes in the winter. Part of the 2010 Winter Olympics will be held on them there hills!
I love seeing the downtown of Vancouver City in the distance. The hustle and bustle of this metropolis is so far removed from this tranquil place. It is nice to look down the inlet and see the sky srapers tucked against a backdrop of wilderness. Vancouver really is Supernatural.

And who do we have here? Well! Landsakes its the SEXY BEAST again, amazing how he manages to walk along the beach burdened down with his Frisbee. Does he not realize every woman on the beach is lusting after him? He walks along in a world of his own, ignorant to the lustful stares of the bikini clad! How envious they must all be, when he comes over and sits with me!

Thanks for joining us, and Happy Independence Day to all our American neighbours!

Go see WALKER's July 4th post for a very amusing canadian perspective on the history of Canadian/American relations.


Bobbie said...

The weather sure was great for a day at the beach. Great pictures and it looks like you all had a great time.
I'm heading into Vancouver today to help my son get settled into their condo. They're up near VGH.

Take care and enjoy your day.

John said...

Great pictures! Beautiful mountains...

I drove to Vancouver many years ago to drop off my niece's van, she was taking classes in the city then. I flew back to Michigan though, a bit faster. What a beautiful city, and the folks seem nice and friendly too.

Just as they are in Windsor, Ontario which is about an hour from here. :)

Fred said...

The skyline in the background is a nice touch.

I'm like you. If I go to the beach, I'm under the umbrella the entire time.

You're making the most of the summer!

40spoet said...

those are great pics. i love travelling thorugh blogs and seeing all of our great country. one day i will see the rockies in person. i hear thay are simply breathtaking.

have a good thursday

edge said...

thank you
I needed this happy post