Friday, June 23, 2006

Grand Lodge of British Columbia and the Yukon

Tonight our boys did us proud. As I have mentioned before , my sons are in a youth group called Demolay Canada, part of the family of Freemasons. This weekend is the Annual Grand Lodge Communication. Sort of a Masonic convention, where Masons from all over BC and the Yukon come together for the purpose of installing its newly elected officers for the ensuing term. Our boys were thrilled to be invited to participate in tonights Community Evening.

They recieved a standing ovation from the audience as they inspired these folks with what good things our youth are capable of. The boys performed the
Flower Talk which is very moving and is all about respect for motherhood. I highly reccommend reading this if you have never heard it before. The closing line is "DeMolay can ask no more of you than that you shall endeavor so to live as to be worthy of your mother's love." There were many a damp eye as some of these gentlemen (some quite elderly), were called to remember the love of their mothers. What is also impressive about this talk and many of the other lectures which these boys do, is that they memorize the whole thing and are able to perform it effectively in front of large, prestigious audiences.

At the end of the Flower Talk, each boy picks up a flower from the altar. Red flowers for boys whose mothers are still living, and white for those who have passed on. The boys with red flowers are asked to give it to their moms. The boys with a white flower, take their bloom home and keep it in rememberance of a mother passed on.
Here they are, up in front of the dignitaries, including the mayor, a representative of the RCMP, Representatives of the concordant bodies, including the Shriners, Eastern Star, Gizah Temple, etc. and the head of the BC Cancer foundation. The tallest boy is my David. Just out of the left of this shot was an audience of about 400 people. It just amazes me, the confidence this organization gives to these young boys.

Also tonight, There were cheques given out to Cancer Work totaling many thousands of dollars which the Masons raised.

It feels good to be part of this Masonic Family.

So, what were your kids doing tonight? Whatever it was, I hope they appreciate how much you love them.


40spoet said...

masonic lodge is going strong in my ex family too. in my ex village. there are more youth becoming involved with it, which is good. shame that the loba, and lol weren't as strong. many of the members are aging fast, and youth aren't as interested in keeping with tradition. shame really.
i am not a member of any of these, no time nor interest. (double standard talking i suppose)
have a good weekend, glad your boys did ya proud!

Dick said...

Demolay is a good program for youth to be involved in, as are the programs for girls. I know the fraternity needs new members, especially younger ones, and the boys who experience Demolay are probably those most likely to move on into the Masonic Lodge.

Of my two, one was a Demolay & is currently in the Navy, the other wasn't into group things but is currently a policeman. Both are in their early 30s and have families of their own.

Fred said...

My children are involved in Younglife, which is a youth organization based on Christian values. They're frequently speding time at senior citizens' houses to help with yard work and other chores. It's great to see them at work.

You have much to be proud of!

Bobbie said...

You must be proud to have such nice sons. Groups like Demolay certainly instill good values in the young people.

Take care and enjoy this wonderful weather.

ellen said...

Tell your son that you know of one cancer warrior in blogland who is very appreciative of all that he and his friends have done to raise money to defeat cancer.

Gary said...

It sounds like those boys have a bright future ahead for themselves. Good for them.

chosha said...

What the boys did with the remembrance of motherhood sounded lovely. It's nice to hear something positive about the Masons. I've only ever known them as a powerful secret society men use to network and help each "get ahead". Nice to know they teach some good things too.

August95 said...

Wow, congratulations. The boys looked like they had a great time.

You are a great person so it is no surprise the caliber of children you are raising.

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