Saturday, March 18, 2006

2 rememberances

This week brings about two anniversaries . I shall post one of them today. the other, in a few days. Dont think I am getting all morbid, dwelling on my losses. Quite opposite, it is by happy rememberance of passed loved ones that keep their memory alive.

A year ago today, we lost our precious Grandville. This is a copy of the post I wrote for him a year ago..

Yesterday, March 18th 2005 is a day that will live in infamy. Sadly, it marked the passing of our beloved Granny. For those of you who are not in the know, Granny was a male orange cat, not my grandmother, her demise came at this time of year in 1986. I spent all day with wet stuff leaking from evey opening of my face. As we said our last good bye at the vets The vet offered me tissues to wipe the snot string that was hanging about 3 feet long from my face. Poor Grandville what a lovely dying image he will go forth to the after life with. Anyways, Im writing this, because my friend says its theraputic to write and to try to find humor, even in the sad parts of life. I had a good little furry man friend for 14 years, Last night my lap felt strangely empty, void of the vibrating fluff ball. Most of all, who will watch my every move, who will look at me from across the room and give me those big slow blinks that says : "You are the center of my universe, I love you soooo much,,,, BLLLIIIINNNKKKK"

I still haven't been able to bring myself to find another cat. I still have my daughters cat here and shes a sweet little thing, but she isnt the lovley, lap cat that my Grandville was. We also have our dog to keep us occupied. For now I am content to do with the memories . I still wake up at night thinking I feel him climbing up on my bed, isn't that weird. Funny, but I still miss him, more thanI would have thought. I suppose that just goes to show what a fabulous creature he really was. He connected with me in a way that no other animal ever has.

Miss you Grandville.


Curtis said...

Pets do become a part of you and you can't just run out and replace them. It takes time and to me it's perfectly natural to think about a lost pet the way you do. We do.

John said...

I do understand the pain you feel, having lost Sandy, our English Cocker about four years ago. No new dog yet - it's not the time yet. Sorry about your losing your good friend.

LZ Blogger said...

Pets are as much a part of the family as anyone else. The longer they are around, the greater the loss. Let me give my somewhat belated condolences. ~ jb///

Dick said...

After loosing my wife, Annie, last summer it has been a great comfort to have our cat, Huggy, to spend time with me. She loved to sit with Annie in her recliner but now has moved over to sit with me. She is also my daily companion on the Snowbird trip Annie & I were planning. She is nearly 8 years old but I hope she will be with me for a lot more years.

Ms. Vickie said...

Our pets are part of our family and you can not just replace them. You are still grieving and holding to and enjoying the special will know if and when the time is right.

Simply Coll said...

I understand completely how much love you shared with Grandville and how much you still miss him.