Sunday, March 19, 2006

We Got It!!!

Finally, we have purchased our lovely shed. We have lived here for almost ten years, and every spring I have longed for my shed. All my dreams are coming true. You see, the shed is needed to store all the garden tools, mower, pool equipment, camping gear, bike parts, etc. etc. Currently, all that stuff is stored in my garage. Which by the way has never known a vehicle within its confines. Once the clobber is put into the shed, then we can work on converting the garage into the boys rec room.

So first things first. The shed arrives tommorrow, in about a thousand pieces. I'm so excited. I cant wait for it to be completed to its glorious 8X12 cedar, gabled splendor. I can stain it to match the house. There is a wisteria growing right along side of it and i will train it up around the door. Ohhh its going to be so nice. Maybe a little footpath cut into the lawn leading up to it. And some planters in front, brimming over with impatience! Hubby just cant understand my enthusiasm. He is more excited about how he will arrange his gear inside the shed.

OK, OK. Have to get to bed early tonight. I need to be well rested to crack the whip tommorrow.
Ill have sweet dreams of lovely sheds. Ahhh, its nice to have a project.

Night folks.


Walker said...

WOW 8x12 is a large shed.
You sound excited though.
My father refused to buy one and got me a pile of wood and said build me one and call me when its done.
Have fun putting it together and staining it. I know I would have a blast.

40spoet said...

i'm hoping that we will have a shed of sorts by the end of this year. gotta save up for it. in this park, the sheds must match the homes, siding and all, and a reasonable size one is around $1000.00 enjoy your project!

Simply Coll said...

I love my little shed and I have had it for about 10 years. The garage pretty much belongs to my hubby.. but the shed is mine. Last year I painted it to match the house colours and this year I hope to organize the clutter in the inside. Mostly it contains my gardening supplies.. and occasionally over winters a few little creatures. I have learned to keep the bird seed in large covered plastic containers. Mine does not have a window.. but if it did I would make a little window box.

Deanna said...

Congrats on your shed... you know my shed issues, and now I don't really have a shed, it's a cottage minus the lake. I need to start thinking about what flowers are going to go into the window boxes. I can't have the husbandman tapping his foot waiting for his cottage looking deprived from the beauty of flowers. I am glad to say that project is long behind us now.. although he is still filling it up with his precious items from the garage-that-will-be-a-new-room one day. I only waited for 12 years for this project to be real. Although I think it needs an addition of a porch.. but then again, so does our house. I might need to wait on that last thought. Anyways happy shed building, I can let you borrow my whip if you need it. Although the edges are a little dull, and it kind of thuds when it hits the air, or something... he eh ehe eheh

carol said...

Awwww, the beloved shed.....I am suffering shed envy, oh the possibilities, the crap and clutter I could store if only I had a shed of my very own. I don't even have garden tools , mowers, tools, bikes, pool stuff. But you can imagine, it would be full of Carol stuff :)

Bobbie said...

Sounds like a big project ahead of you! Hope the weather holds so you can get the shed up. Spring is here!!

Jona said...

lol, it's wonderful to hear of such enthusiasm, even though we dream of empting our shed and demolishing it ;o)


Anonymous said...

hope your shed dreams become a reality. I have known piles of timber lying around growing moss, which never actually became the dreamed of shed.

Our large garage has never seen and probably never will see a car stored within it's confines, even though one of the up and over doors was specially designed to take a large camper.

Our garage contains everything possible, including a long dead owl, but apparently there is nothing that we can possible do without or even think of getting rid of. Meanwhile our cars sit in the weather and have to be moved into the sun to get rid of overnight frost.

Ahhh a shed, what a wonderful dream.

Dick said...

Your new shed sounds like fun. Try to get shelving into it before you get it so full that is hard to do.

I got home yesterday to beautiful weather, so all you northwesterners did great on weather control! It is a bit cooler than it was in Arizona but still nice. Thanks.

David said...

Oh I need one of those - had one once I put together myself but I had to leave it in Nebraska. I would never assemble another one. Enjoy.