Friday, March 17, 2006


In the spirit of St.Paddy's Day, I thought I'd put up some greens. I have some Irish blood in my veins, so I couldnt let the day go unmentioned, now could I? These shots were taken this morning at out local Maple Ridge Park. Lots of thick shaggy moss. Fresh ferns growing in the nurse trees. Still some Old Growth Trees in these parts.
I dropped my sis off for an appointment and her kiddies and I headed down to the park. They played on the see saw and walked along the river. Then we walked across the road to visit the horses at the stables. Jenny fed them grass, but Eddy was scared of them. He said they look nice but they have big teeth and he wasnt taking any chances.

My friend
Vickie has had some frightening news. If you have a moment to drop by with some words of encouragement, I am certain they would be greatly appreciated. Vickie has fought through the day to day struggles of Multiple Sclerosis. Her courage with that battle is admirable. Now she has possibly come up againt another battle. Vickie, you are in my thoughts today as always.


Teresa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the photos you chose today. I, too, am worried about Vickie. It is great that we are all
praying for her. :) Happy St. Patricks Day!

Ms.L said...

Thanks for visiting me!
I used to live in Maple Ridge,one move ago actually,lol,we left MR 2 Nov's ago to move to the Cariboo:)
I grew up in the Lower Mainland..
Beautiful photos,I love the green.
Nice to meet you!

Fizzy said...

Thanks for visitng my blog today. I am waiting for Deni to contact me. I promised I would let you all know how she was doing, but I think that this hotel must be internet-less... if your know what I mean.
Any way thanks for the compliments on my blog. And I love the mossy pictures you have taken for today. so beautiful and clear.
XX Fizz XX

Dick said...

I too am concerned about Vickie & I didn't find a comment place to say anything on her blog. Often the unknown can be more frightening than actually knowing. I suppose that is because we tend to expect the worst case situation while it often doesn't turn out to be so serious. Let's all offer our prayers for positive enlightenment of the "problem."

Curtis said...

Hey it's green over here. No it wasn't because of number 5 on Nice photos. Happy St. Patrick's Day and enjoy your weekend.

John said...

Nice post, and I visited Miss Vickie too, hope she gets better soon. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

With spring in the air I am hoping to find more green in my world shortly. :-)

Wishing your friend well.. I am off to say it in person ( or at least in personal print )

Simply Coll said...

With spring in the air I am hoping to find more green in my world shortly. :-)

Wishing your friend well.. I am off to say it in person ( or at least in personal print )

Sorry.. this was not anonymous at all.. I clicked the button way to fast

ellen said...

Green is my favourite colour, and I'm longing for greenness in my part of the world. So far, it's still dirty snow and sludge, so I'm enjoying your photos very much.

Ms. Vickie said...

Susan, Thank you seems so small but it comes from my heart. You are such a special person and knowing you are my friend and a part of my life is a blessing. It is my friends and family that is my strength right now. You have no idea what the gesture you made today meant to me. Again thank you.

Anonymous said...

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