Friday, February 17, 2006


Eddie and Jenny (Carols Kiddies) with Copper and Binzen. August 2005.

I picked up Coppers remains from the vets today. That got me crying all over again. On Sunday we will take him to the forest and scatter him in his favorite place, where he can roam the woods for eternity.

I had an awful nightmare the other day. I dreamt that I put my 2 month old, baby neice down on a ledge and walked away to get her a clean sleeper. I turned in time to see her fall off. When I picked her up , her little arm was broken and bent at a sickening angle. It was so real. What a horrid dream. Where do thoughts like this come from?

We finally got Carols kids bunks out of storage and have them set up in their 'suite'. They couldn't wait to go to bed last night. They had today off school for Pro D day. We took Carol to her appointment and me and J&E went for McGriddles. Then we went for groceries and back for Carol. Even though it was only grocery shopping, Spending time with just them and myself is special. For me anyways. I dont get time with them alone too often. They were great helpers. Both picked out their favorite apples, Vedgies and dessert. They seem happier to eat vedgies when they get to help pick them out and bag them. Next step... getting them to learn how to wash and prepare them!

The weather remains absolutely glorious. Clear and bright. We have an arctic front on us though. Not a very common occcurance for us in lotus land. Its -6 this morning they say -15 with the wind chill. I hope my buds and shoots dont burn up with the cold.

I am off to work soon so, all you folks with weekends off and regular sorts of work hours.... Have a lovely weekend.


ddddddddddddddddddddd said...

Hey, your sidebar is waaaaaay down at the bottom and it slipped down there after you added something to it. Not sure, but might be that site tracker thingy. I was looking for it the other day when it first disappeared.

Dick said...

Joe is right, it is at the bottom of your posts. That happened to me when I was experiementing with moving photos from Flickr to my blog. If I brought a photo over that was wider than the space the template allowed for my posts, the side bar was pushed to the bottom. I didn't see something like that on yours but I think Joe is right. Look at what did you do just before it "dissappeared."

Barbara said...

Side bars can be knocked to the bottom of a blog when you have continuous lines in your post....for instance, if you use a long row of ~~~~~~. Try looking back on each post and shortening the line between same day posts. Is that as clear as mud?

pat said...

your little oops a daisy is hiding down at the bottom of your site.
Always enjoy reading your blog, nice that you have the opportunity to spread Copper's ashes, not something we have been offered by our vet. A good way to say a final goodbye, knowing he is in his favourite spot forever.

Put my bits and pieces on Burnaby Mountain with Gina and Ray, being spread to the wind is such a better thought than going underground. However, hope it won't be for a long time yet, I have at least nine weddings to attend when the grandkids grow up. Maybe I should by the outfits now! I can always appear in my Red Hat gear and embarras you all. mom

chosha said...

"Where do thoughts like this come from?" Our mind like to filter and process things while we sleep. You probably had a fear in the back of your mind about dropping her and your mind is playing it out to see how to deal.

John said...

Glad the sidebar came home Susan, but your site is being switched to some kind of sales site when I log on here... I thought that was gone!

deni said...

I'm getting switched to the spam sight as well, haven't seen that happen for a while.

Your dogs are so lovely. I am sure Copper will be happy to roam the woods!

FTS said...

I was bumped to the spam site last time I was here, but not today.

Like most, I like both of the parties concerned and have tried to maintain neutrality. Issues like this are one of the reasons I keep my blog anonymous, with no name or picture. When I write using life as a basis, the names are changed to protect the [ahem] guilty. ;)

Walker said...

The side bar tends to got o the bettom when there is a piture thats to wide or a lone unbroken sentence,
Its freezing out here but winterlude is on and I was happy the ice was good and frozen when I got on it.

Penny Halston said...

Sorry to hear about your dog. We had to put our dog of 10 years down a couple years ago. It was like losing a family member. I read that you sang Foolish Games by Jewel at Karoake. I love that song.