Sunday, February 19, 2006

Horse Capital Day

What a great day off it has been so far.

The weather was unbeatable. Sunny and crisp but warmer than it has been.

Keith and I both had the day off, which doesn't happen too often, as we both work weird hours and rotating days off.

I got up and made pancakes and fresh cantaloupe and grapes for the nine people who occupy this house on weekends (My family of 5, my sister Carol and her 2 munchkins and Andrews friend).

Then Keith , Andrew and his friend, Heidi and myself headed out for a walk with Binzen. We went to Blue Heron Loop. Which is a nice dyke walk in full view of the Golden Ears Mountains. It's about a five minute drive from the house. This is my 'Church without Walls'. A place where I can feel the presence of God all around me, and the glory of his creation.

The photo above is taken at the spot where we sprinkled Coppers remains. Andrew spread him on the ground as I read out the Rainbow Bridge story. So he will spend the rest of eternity romping through the long grass, in the constant sun . Surrounded by our glorious mountains and forests. A place where we walk often and will think of him every time we pass this spot.

We were soon laughing and feeling cheered at the crazy antics of young Binzen. He didn't care that the river was lined with ice. He romped and goofed around in the cold water as though it were a summer day.

We passed several horses out for their Sunday trot. Whenever we see horses approaching, we always leash the dog. Just to be safe. Wouldn't want him to spook a big animal like that. Who knows what would happen.

But as we were down on the creek, we hadn't noticed this horse and rider approach. Before we knew it she was right up along side of us, with Binzen on the loose. Of course the dog goes flying up to inspect the huge creature. The young rider stopped her horse. When Keith called Binzen to "Come!" I didn't think he would listen, with such an interesting distraction. But guess what? He came back to us. We were so relieved and so pleased that Binzen has really learned from his obedience class.

Once we completed our stroll, we piled into the car and headed to Dairy*Queen. We had the shrimp baskets. It was ok. Pretty good for fast food. But I don't think I would get it again. We had our ice creams and headed home.

It was a perfect day.

Thanks for joining us.


Cowboy Joe said...

Sounds like the perfect family day. Glad that Copper will always be along for those walks. Nice to hear that Binzen's training is paying off too.

Hugs, love and prayers.

Bobbie said...

That's a beautiful picture of the Golden Ears. And it must be comforting to know that Copper is in such a beautiful place. Glad you had such an enjoyable Sunday.

40spoet said...

a calm and peaceful sunday, aren't they great? prayers sent to copper.he is at peace now. rainbow bridge is a beautiful tribute.

deni said...

Our Maggie would have been right in the water with Binzen.

It's nice to know that Copper has such a beautiful and peaceful resting place.

Yesterday, my Sis lost her nearly 16 year old Beagle, maybe Bradley is now romping with Copper at the rainbrow bridge!!

I like to think that he is now a young pup again.

carol said...

Rest in peace Copper my little nephew, I will never forget what a wonderful doggie you were, and still are. Love Auntie Carol

Karen said...

It sounds beyond perfect!! The photos are beautiful. You're starting to make me want spring... just a little. ;-)

Have a great day! *HUGS*

Dick said...

A beautiful tribute to Copper. I still have that to do with Annie's ashes. It will be in the new Memorial Garden at our church in Mt. Vernon but it is still being built. I expect it will be sometime this spring.

It is good to hear that spring is getting closer in the northwest. I am enjoying my trip to the southwest but also look forward to getting home in May. Today I am going into Mexico with my cousins.

ellen said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful place to bid farewell to your beloved Copper. Binzen's a real beauty.

Walker said...

Beautiful picture of the mountains. Sounds like you have the perfect weather for a stroll.

David said...

It did sound like a perfect day but it looks like it was mighty cold.

August95 said...

Thanks for taking us along. Your pup sure looks great. Congrats on the training.

chosha said...

Fabulous day. And that's a cool action shot of the dog - shows some of his personality.

LZ Blogger said...

Sounds REALLY nice!

Anonymous said...

Hi..I'm an italian girl..I was looking for "I wandered lonely as a cloud" and I found your bolg! I'm very happy to know there's someone that likes this kind of things!!! :)
good choice

Elisa said...

**I don't have a blog, i can't schow you who I am!!**