Thursday, February 16, 2006

Song and Dance

Last night my sis and I headed down to the Ranch for some karaoke. Our first time there since "The Break up".

There were many of the usual regulars there. Nice to see some familiar faces. Our Cowboy friend was at the bar, I went over and said hi. But being still too freshly split-up, my sis couldn't bring herself to partake in casual chit chat with him, so she headed straight for a table. She is currently in that place, between being lovers and friends. She isn't ready to just talk to him about the weather yet. I do hope that day will come.

The Cowboy was the opening act, and did 'In the Ghetto' which he did a nice job of, as always. But I could see he felt uncomfortable. Sis was called up next to do her song, and before she started to sing, Cowboy left. I guess he is probably in the same place that she is. We will just give them time. Although they are both moving on, they both have some healing left to do. I hope they can start to be friends eventually, because Keith and I enjoy both of their company.

Part of what makes this all so difficult, is that she still had access to Cowboys blog. It was like an addiction. Although getting past him would be easier if she didn't read it any more. He has posted that he moved on and is madly in love already, and that is what hurts her. Reading his tales of romance, laid out in exactly the same fashion as it was when she was the center of his world. She has been very classy, and has refrained from writing in her blog any defenses to his criticisms, and hasn't even commented on his posts. Except for vague references such as were written in her post yesterday. So today I see he has moved his URL. I don't know if it was in response to her post. I think it will be easier for them to move on if they don't have access to each others blogs.

Keith joined us an hour later. He had obedience classes to attend earlier. Now you should see him do as he is told! ... Not Keith silly! I mean the dog..Binzen, of course. It was the final lesson in the program. He got a certificate of completion. So anyways, Keith joined us and ordered his usual beer, that he made last all evening. With the music and singing, it can sometimes be difficult to hear the person sitting across the table from you. He leaned over and told me " I signed Binzen up for dance training". HUH!! What? I can just see him in a tutu and toe shoes! But I misheard him. What he actually said was, I signed Binzen up for advanced training. Ahhh that makes more sense. LOL we had a good chuckle over that.

It was a fairly slow night, the place wasn't packed, so we got to do a lot of singing. I did 'Good Mother-Jan Arden" "Believe-Cher""Foolish Games-Jewel" "Nobody Does It Better-Carley Simon" Keith and I did "Cruisin-Gwyneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis". Keith also did his three 'usuals'. And Sis did three or four. Lost count. We have never had so much time at the mike. At one point Nick, a regular there was singing and the whole bar was up dancing! Almost every one was up on their feet. Then a couple of the waitresses came hoping towards the dance floor doing the train, and we all joined on. The whole place was boogieing around the tables, laughing and having a real good time. It was nice to see my Sis, smiling so much.

Raise your glasses. Lets make a toast to moving forward and putting the past behind us, and to learning to be friends.


Joe Cool Cowboy Poet said...

Thank you for the wonderful compliment on my blog. Yes, I was very uncomfortable, especially with where ya'll sat, so close to the singing area, but that's my issue, not hers or yours.

I have moved past it all, but in some ways am feeling quite defensive due to the posts. Yes, I can't resist going back to read her stuff and it hurts some of the things that have been said, that aren't true. But again, that's my issue too. I could have dealt with things differently so there wouldn't be these misunderstandings.

I thought I did that song pretty good for a change, but I could not stop shaking. I left right away for you know where. I don't think I'll be down there quite as much anymore, except for an occassional one song only.

I do miss you and Keith something fierce. But it's too fresh still I suppose.

Glad you all had fun and it sounds like it was a nice evening. I read her post too about meeting Tina and being invited to the Legion too. That'll be good for her to get out to a new place as well.

Hugs to both you and Keith and the kids. Miss ya'll.

carol said...

Thankyou for putting it so accurately, you hit the nail on the head. Yes we had a great time too, I can't wait to go back.((Hugs))

August95 said...

Glad you had such a nice evening. Maybe you can do an audioblog and let us hear a few bars of somthing. That would rock.

As for the other, time is the only thing for it. Sorry to your Sis and the Cowboy. Sounds like a rough time for you all.

Ow, congrats on the graduation.

TheFunkyCowboy said...

Susan I think you hit the nail right on the head that both Joe and Carol are not at the Hi how the hell are ya stage yet but with maybe not being able to read into each other's lives for a while might make it easier to come to that place with due time.

Good to see you all had a good time wish i had time for Singing other then when I teach dancing it would be allot more fun !

Have a great weekend and say hey to keith for me !

David said...

I did not realize you were sisters until now. How did I miss that. Yes I am sure it is tough for both of them and will take time to work through. Wish them both the best.

Glad you had a good time.

John said...

The glass is raised, the toast is made. I noticed today in my blogroll visits that Joe is moving on. All things end don't they...

No way you'd get my paranoid butt up on that stage to sing!! :)

Bobbie said...

Glad you had such a good time at the Ranch. Hopefully with time Carol and the Cowboy can be comfortable talking to each other.

Take care and enjoy this glorious sunny day.

Monica said...

a great post, Susan. I was thinking and I think if Brian and I broke up I wouldn't be posting about it because I care about him too much. Some things are best left just between the two involved. Now, I am ONLY speaking for me and about me. For many people it's therapeutic but since so many online know who the two of us are, I would put those thoughts just in my personal journal that is about Brian.

I think both are nice people and hope they become friends again. And I've never spoken about it to anyone but Joe, but your sister deserves true happiness and I hope the next guy is a gem from God.

ellen said...

If I encounter my ex, probably the friendliest thing I'd do is to stick a fork in his eye.

Not that I'm bitter or anything....

Sally said...

It is becoming more and more apparent that Carol has an inner strength that few of us possess. I couldn't have walked into the Ranch for a long, long time. I admire your sis so much, and it's a thing of beauty the support she gets from you, and all of the family. :)