Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

We are almost at a record for number of days of rain. As a drove to work last night after two days off, I saw that the DEEP ditches at the road side were full. The water level was right level with the fields. Much more of this and the roads will flood.

So here I am posting some sunshine. This is a pic of Spanish Banks, a beach in Vancouver. I just needed to be reminded of what blue skies looked like! AHHHH!!! It will happen soon enough. I just hope we don't float away before that happens.

This is my China Collection. Part of it. Its called Acapulco. Im not much of one for fancy things in the tableware dept. But I love this casual art deco style. It was discontinued in the 70s and most of it I got thru awesome deals on E*bay. I always scope out the thrift stores for the occasional find. Last month I found a serving dish, with a crack on it for .50c, Whoohoo! My first few pieces though were given to me as a bridal shower gift from my Grandma. The pattern is just so her! Now and then ill uses the tea set and it always feels as though she is with me when I drink from the silly little cups.

We were in the thrift store a couple of days ago. I was checking out the dish selection and suddenly a woman approached me and said "Hey Lady, wanna buy some cheese? Two bricks for $5. That a real bargain" er "NO thanks anyways" She was real waxy and ill looking. The cheese looked even worse. Reminds you just how desperate people can become. So I left the store empty handed.... no dishes and definitely no cheese!


Fred said...

We just got our sunshine and warmth back today. It's been a cold one for us lately, so we're happy to see it return to near normalcy.

Cheese in a thrift shop? Yuck.

ddddddddddddddddddddd said...

YAY. the sun peeked out for a few seconds today between the downpours. Oh yeah, you were sleeping off the fatigue of another graveyard shift, mighta missed that so very brief glimpse of sunlight.

I'll keep my eyes open for that pattern when I am antiquing.

Keep smilin'

deni said...

It rained all day here, but I am glad we haven't had rain like you have.

All the gloom brings me down, I am not in the best mood the way it is with everything going on.

Bobbie said...

Yes, the sun came out...I blinked and missed

I like the china pattern and hope you have luck finding pieces in our local shops. I've found some really great deals especially on baby things.

We do get some real weird charactors in our town, don't we.

Barbara said...

Yup. Rain, rain, rain here on the island too.
The lady that tried to sell you cheese likely got it from the foodbank and was trying to sell it for drug money. Been happening a lot. I hope she doesn't have kids that could be eating healthy things like cheese.

David said...

Arrggg. You are complaining about rain and we are SO DESPARATE for it. We are parched and grass fires are common and dangerous. We have had .03 inches since November. Send it our way.

Nice china collection.

August95 said...

I know what you mean about this rain. Glad we have a boat in the drive way lol.

I am madly in love with your china pattern. I am not a big huge china fan but THAT is great dinner ware you have there.

John said...

No more rain... How about some snow? Rotten cheese, gross!

Dick said...

I watched part of the Today show this morning & they said Seattle is expecting rain & winds, for the 25th day in a row. I was there for 16 of them but now have sunshine and an expected high of 70F today in Bullhead City, Arizona. Now if only my wireless connections would work as fine as the weather has been.....

carol said...

Every time i'm at a charity shop, I keep an eye out for "Acupoulco."
It does remind me of grandma, colorful and cheery, and totally her style.