Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Photo edited by my daughter and neice. Shows a whole other side of me doesnt it?

I wish the sun would come out. All this cloud and rain is getting me gloomy. I wonder if i have a touch of SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder? Hmmm.... or maybe Im just wallowing in self pity and irritability. NO I am not PMSing thank you!.
One thing for sure, the house is getting a good work over. I deffinately know I woke up on the wrong side of the bed when I start cleaning. Ive swept and mopped every moppable surface in the place, with bleach. AHHH the clean smell perks me up a bit. I vacuumed the rugs. Finished the laundry. Polished the sinks, cleaned the bathrooms. Swept the front steps and pulled out the dead clematis and grasses from the front garden. Im pretty much out of my funk now, nothing like a good cleaning bee to shake off the gloomies.
Then I sat down with my tea for a quick peak at the computer. Sorry to have worried you guys with yesterdays post. Wasnt that a spectacular photo of a public toilet? I just had to use it in a post, and it certainly suited my mood.
Im not usually one to moan and whine on my blog. I figure people dont need to read about my silly problems. BUT since you asked.....
My sister and I had a bit of a quarrell. Nothing serious really. But the aftershocks of the tension and deafening silence between us really get to me. I told her "I wish you wouldnt swear so much. It makes you sound mean and nasty". I know it upset her but she hasnt said anything more about it. The longer we go on pretending nothing is wrong, the worse I feel.
She has been through so much and is one of the strongest people I know, but any critisism from me seems to really hit her hard. Now she has gone off to her surgeon appointment and I didnt even offer her a ride . Now I'm sitting here crying, thinking "Why am I such a bitch sometimes?"
I'm going to meet her outside the Drs and take her home. Apologize and tell her I love her. And If she wants to swear then Goddamn it she can fucking swear all she wants.


Deanna said...

That a girl... go fetch the fowl mouthed sister, then laugh it up. That will make you feel better.... you're not a bitch, even sometimes, you're not a bitch. You just say how you feel, and so does the sis, but in different terminology. I'll see you soon.

carol said...

Awww sissy, I am not angry at you. I'm just feeling a little badly about my progress(slow)with my injuries, and not being back at work. And lets not mention the B.F. who is hard to work with at the best of times.I'm feeling a little low, and the reason for not telling you what was bothering me, was because I don't want to bug you with my pathetic problems, but we will survive cause we love each other, right.I really love you Susan, I am sorry about the missunderstanding. LOVE FROM YOUR WITTLE BABY SISTER,

Fred said...

So, did we make up then?

Nice pic.

Bobbie said...

I think this gloomy, wet weather is making us all a little cranky.

Glad you and Carol were able to clear the air. Sometimes sisters need to do that.

Take care and hope tomorrow is a better day.

Monica said...

I have a sister. The best thing about sisters? You can fight and make up cause no matter what...you know you have each other.
My sister was there for me a couple of nights ago when I really needed her.

She's awesome...but she's ALSO a bratty little sister LOL

FTS said...

*covering my ears* ;)

John said...

LOL! Love the pic! Your not the only one bored out of your gourd this winter, still waiting for snow to ride my new sled! I'm with ya on the boredom!

ddddddddddddddddddddd said...

Ahem, difficult BF of the fowl mouthed sister here. . . . .
LOL . . . I really am not that hard to work with, honestly, but I do have to admit to contributing to the tension a bit this time.

My apologies to you Susan, though there was other stuff goin on, and I'm glad you two had a good talk on the way home and made up. And sisters need to communicate just as much as BF does.
Keep smilin' sis

Walker said...

Swearing has become a way of comminicatingmore and more.
I guess its a form of stress release for some and looking cool for others
I have noticed as the years have gone by that "fuck" has become a prominent word everywhere but in bed.
I have a friend that uses it every third word and I have been guilty of using it as well.
So its cloudy there is it?
Well its fucken raining here. LOL
I had to say it.
My parents tell me its freezing in Ottawa though so we both should be happy for a lottle gloom.