Monday, November 28, 2005

I beg your pardon...

...I never promised you a rose garden.

I really like the remake of Lynn Andersons old hit Rose Garden. Its been redone by Martina McBride.

Well here in this house, its war of the roses. Thats relating to some English history. I never was much of a history student but i seem to remember something about... 2 english leaders..kings or Lords (not sure which). One had the red rose as his emblem and one had a white rose. So when they had their little feud it was refered to as the war of the roses. That little snipet of info had absolutely nothing to do with this post really.

The other day Keith brought me flowers as you read in a previous post. Well, never one to be out done, My sisters man showed up here a couple of days later with his own bouquet for her. A beautiful arrangement of roses.

Of course me, being ever the snap happy gal that I am, got my camera out and took these pics. I was trying to capture the beads of moisture on the petals. I used a macro setting and the no flash feature. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I think it really captures the splendor of the flower.

This next one turned out sort of fuzzy and dark, but in a way looks less like a photo and more like a graphic image or maybe a painting. Its got sort of a contrmporary feel to it. This image doesnt capture the same detail as the first, but I think it is still pretty in its own style.

And just to show you how the photography gene runs down the line, here is a photo taken by my daughter of her TY bears in their newly painted residence.

In other news. We were both off work today, so we Picked up egg McMuffins for Breaky and headed down to the barn with Binzen the pup. Sunday is FLYBALL day. This was his third week. He loves it! Our kids never enjoyed organized sports this much. Can you believe we pay to have our dog in a group sport activity? He gets alot out of it and it is such a pleasure to see him watching all the other dogs. He can run the jumps no problem, but is still learning how to operate the ball box. He is supposed to run up to this box with a spring board on it. When he hits the board hard enough, the ball pops out. Ill try to get photos next week. The instructor said he is a natural, and he is definately ball oriented. Well, I guess she should know. Hope he will still be so ball oriented after he gets his own little knackers lopped off! OUCH! After fly ball and a nice long run on the dike, he was so pooped out that he just had to catch a little nap. Now does he look relaxed to you?


carol said...

Awww, little Binny looks so relaxed. He is such a great
neph(pup)ew. I would love to
come next week and watch the little bugger in flyball action.

Karen said...

I have a picture of the War of the Roses window in the York Minster in England. I'll find it and email it to you.

Have a wonderful day! *HUGS*

David said...

The first picture is outstanding, the second is dark but you can lighten that on your computer. Now the dog is really cute.

I have a digital but still prefer my 30 year old Cannon with all my lenses and filters.

FTS said...

When I had my Golden retrievers we ran the field trials. It was so much fun watching them work -- an dthey seemed to love every minute of it, right down to jumping into the frigid water.

ddddddddddddddddddddd said...

It wasn't to compete with Keith that she got flowers, it was because I didn't want to get in trouble with her for not bringing them often enough. LOL,

Love the pictures. You did great.

Binzen looks very relaxed and your daughters pic is very nice too, her room looks very coordinated now

August95 said...

Very nice pictures. How do you get your dog to now run when it's not his turn. I always wanted to know that. Mine would go for her turn and everyone elses.

deni said...

I love the pics.

Your pup looks so relaxed.

I wish we had a place to train dogs around here.