Saturday, November 26, 2005

Christmas Plans

Its a bright clear day. No more fog. A slight frost this morning. Had to scrape the windshield at 6 am before the commute. So here I am stuck at work on the first nice day in a while. I hope it stays nice Sunday and Monday, as those are my days off this week.

Tonight is our first Christmas function. A Pub Night fundraiser at the Legion. Wish me luck on the 50/50 draw.
Its just here in town, so should be fun. My sister and her hubby are going to it to.

Next week is Keiths work Party. The boss has us going to a swanky french restraunt in North Vancouver. All paid for. Last year it was very nice, but we had to leave early to pick up our boys from a meeting. This year we can kick back and enjoy ourselves. Im thinking it may be a good idea to rent a hotel room and stay out that way. A little Christmas get away. What do ya think hon? A night of merriment? Hehehehe! Ill pack my Mrs Claus neglige!

That same weekend we will get the tree up. Im just hoping the puppy wont be too interested in it!

The weekend following, We are having a dessert open house at our place. Yummm cheese cake! Somewhere in there i need to finish shopping for Christmas, I still have way too much left to do.

So its going to be busy, but I love all the bussle. The excitement in the little ones. Finding that perfect gift for that special someone. Lots of visits with family and friends. But for me the best thing is, when we get a quiet moment alone, curled up on the couch with Keith, by the fire, a bottle of red wine. Just chatting and loving each other. Mannnnn sappy or what! Well this is a pretty busy household, so it doesnt happen that often. Quiet nights, that is!

So what have you got planned for the next few weeks?


deni said...

Oh, sounds nice, hopefully I can scrape up enough cash to get my grandkids gifts, and we want to try and go to my son's for Christmas. We shall see.

David said...

No big plans - surprise, surprise. I do miss those sorts of functions. But I will get to see Christmas through the eyes of the youngest grandson - the first when he can really express himself. So that should be fun.

Barbara said...

That fog just kept hanging around didn't it? I am glad it is gone and Saturday was sunny (even if I had to work). I am off Sunday and Monday too so maybe if we both pray really hard it will be nice!
I don't have a lot going on for the Christmas season. I have a staff Christmas party and the family tree decorating but other than that it will be a quiet holiday.

August95 said...

I will have a house full. I love hosting so it should be fun.

The way you recognize what you have, is inspiring to me. It's very refreshing.

Ms. Vickie said...

This is the first Christmas since my dad died that my mother has showed any interest in Christmas and she is very much in the spirit of it. Last year, I made Christmas all about her because I was not certain she would be here this year. This year she is back and truly my mom so I am blessed this one so I just hope the rest of the family comes together for a good Family time.

Karen said...

I've got a work Christmas party on Dec 10, then I'll get together with friends here and there, not sure when yet, and then family functions. Christmas should be a quiet day though, and that's fine with me :-)

Have fun and I hope your weather stays nice.