Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Chilled Melon and Sea Water

We are still in Fogland. How many days is this now? at least 5. Nonstop fog. Its cool in a way, but could get gloomy if it stays around much longer. It creating havoc traffic ways. Here is a pic I took from my front window yesterday, about 10 am.

I finished painting the girl's room yesterday. It turned out nicer than I expected. Here are a couple of pics of it. This is what Chilled Melon and Sea Water look like. Who thinks up the names for paint colours anyways? Thats a job I would love to have! She hasnt had a chance to christen it with all her junk and posters yet. So this is a view of it in its pristine state. Stay tuned for next week when it is broken in and may be declared a disater zone. At least right now, we can find the cat without the aide of sniffer hounds!

There is a litle guy called Evan who has his own blog, he started it just before he was born. Maybe he had a little help from Mom and Dad. A few days ago he posted a video clip of him laughing. If you need a chuckle or a cheering, go see Evan here. Dont forget to have your sound on.

Now we are off to karaoke for a quick sing song. A little dwinkie and some idle chatter. Cant stay out too long as i have work early in the morning.

Good night Folks.


August95 said...

Your daughters room came out great. Nice bright colours. I know what you mean about this fog enough is enough.

Oh, your rose picture is beautiful. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

nice colours. where have all the bears gone, did you sell them at a garage sale for 25 cents each

no fog here but overcast making it just as yukky

no sign of the new arrival yet but cathy looks ready to bust


FTS said...

I know you're in Canada, but I'm stopping by to say Happy Thanksgiving from the USA. :)

Ms. Vickie said...

Those colors are beautiful, I would never have imaged them from the names and am so glad you posted the pictures. By the way you are a great photographer and show us great pictures. Bob has been telling me about the fog for days, he said he lifted at his place today so hope it has at your place as well.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Thanks for drifting over my way. I can't much remember that part of my childhood, except to know that during WWII it WASN'T turkey. Meat was rationed. I DO remember once an aunt made lutefisk!! Worst stuff in creation.

When I was in college, my roommate and I painted our walls in "wood violet, seafoam green, and persimmon," (not purple, green and red, mind you).

Walker said...

That would be a job to have, picking names for colors lol
Looks nice but how much of the walls will be showing after the posters go up.
We got 15 cm of snow yesterday, i wish it was fog and they are calling for 11c on Monday which should melt it all.