Saturday, September 10, 2011

Long Beach, Washington State, USA


The wind blowing

The surf pounding

My heart beating

Feeling so alive!!!!!

The one wet day on this trip. It wasn't actually rainy so much as very misty. There was such dense moisture in the air, that it would bead up on surfaces, leaving everything feeling wet.

It was so very windy that the flags were flying straight out and the sand was blowing along the beach. Earlier that week there had been a Kite Festival here. I can see why that would be a successful event in these parts with the unrelenting wind.

The town of Long Beach is a nice little touristy village. With brightly coloured shops filled with touristy souvenirs. This was a kite and wind sock shop. We ate a fabulous lunch of Fish n Chips made with rockfish which was delicious. Washed that down with the most incredible fresh chowder I have ever tasted.

On the beach and dunes we ended up having to bundle up as the wind got so strong and was blowing sea spray on us.
We saw pelicans huddling on the sand.

Cars were permitted to drive on the beach. Something that I have never seen where I live.
I wonder how often they get stuck?

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Herman said...

You had a wonderful time there with Keith. The beach, the sand, the sea and the wind are so refreshing for our mind.