Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cannon Beach, Oregon.


A gorgeous, warm misty morning on Cannon Beach.
A band of fog hung over the beach, enveloping the view of the ocean and the famous Haystack Rock .
Crashing waves could be heard but not seen. Shadowy people could be barely seen, like ghosts on the sand.
We were told that the rock was a leisurely mile long stroll southward along the beach.

If you did not know that this gigantic rock was out there, lurking in the fog, you would completely miss it.
As we got closer, we could make out a dark shadow on fog. At first I wasn't sure if I was just imagining I could see it , by wishful thinking.
There was something mystical about this pilgrimage to the rock.

Then suddenly, it jumped out right in front of us by a combination of the fog lifting and our closer proximity

Then, we could also see out to sea, finally able to see the crashing waves that moments before could only be heard.

All around it were smaller rocks, making a great place to view tidal pools.


Sally said...

Such a wonderful series of photo's, Susan. I felt like I was right there with you!! Love the last one, so pretty!! :)

Michael Manning said...

These are quite amazing photos that encourage peaceful thoughts! I enjoyed them!!

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Dina said...

Hi Susan, what beautiful photos :). Thanks for dropping a comment .

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Birdie said...

Hi Susan,

You may not remember me as friends in the blogging world come and go. I am Barbara from "My Insanity Written in a Blog". I stopped blogging for a while, started, stopped and started again. I was just reading MY old blog posts and clicking on profiles and low and behold you are one of the only people still blogging!
I have been back at blogging for about 9 months. My mom passed away last month from Ovarian cancer. I was writing about her diagnosis in My Insanity... then I was blogging about her last months and now I am blogging about grief and life. If you feel like stopping by please feel free. I have added myself to follow your blog.