Friday, August 12, 2011

Market Day

Yesterday, Keith and I went into Vancouver to one of our favorite shopping places: Granville Island Public Market. Under the Granville Street Bridge. It is such an interesting place. Once, an industrial area. It has warehouses and former factories that have been remodeled into shops, art galleries, theaters, a church restaurants and market. There is even the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

It makes a fabulous backdrop for photography. Our good friends Len and Carla had their wedding reception down here many years ago.
There are also little old shops that are still as quaint as the day they were built. Some house photographers studios, art and craft suppliers. I know my Grandfather used to shop here for his matts and paints when he was alive.

The market is always brimming with every fresh food imaginable. The seafood section is a bit pongy though!

Fresh fudge made right before your eyes. Congratulations to Keith who resisted buying fudge for the first time in my memory!

Granville Island is on False Creek. Vancouver Yacht Club is right across the water and the inlet is filled with boats of all kinds moored all along the creek. False Creek is not actually a creek but an inlet of the ocean extending up from English Bay.
The city of Vancouver began redeveloping this entire area
in 1986, following Expo 86, if i remember correctly. Prior to that, none of these apartment towers were here. Now the entire false creek is lined with beautiful residential buildings. What a wonderful area to live. A bicycle ride distance to any where downtown, the beach, Stanley Park and this shopping area! It has a real sense of community. The Island also has a canoe club, tennis courts and children's playgrounds and sprinkler-water parks in the summer.

We enjoyed a lunch of curry, honey mustard chicken. I had Yam and spinach salad with mine, and Keith had red potato salad with his. Sooo yummy. We ate it out on the dock which surrounds the market. There is always a talented musician giving a live performance at any time of day. Buskers are interview, trialed and if accepted, they have scheduled time slots. The are several performers throughout the island at any given time. So the atmosphere of fun and relaxation permeates the entire place.

I know I have posted about outings to this place before, and I probably will again. I never get tired of it.

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Penny said...

We just returned from Vancouver. Granville Island was one of our favourite spots. Love the fresh fruit, veggies, and flowers. So much fun wandering in the shops and having coffee by the ocean.

Penny said...

I just read your comment on my blog. Where did you go in the prairies? Surely, not Winnipeg. If you ever do come here, do call me!

Susan said...


We were on the praries in 2005 as far east as Kipling, Saskatchewan. and again in 2009 for a family reunion in EstherHazy, Sask.
One of these days we hope to trundle right out to the marities. Ill keep you posted.

Sally said...

Looks and sounds like a wonderful place to visit. Your photo's, as usual, are awesome, Susan.

No fudge? BOO!!! :)

Joe Robinsmith said...

One of my fave places to visit along with Chinatown, Gastown and the Richmond Night market