Saturday, August 13, 2011


On Tuesday night we saw Adele in Vancouver at the Orpheum. What an amazing show. Originally scheduled for May 31st, but postponed to now, due to her having lost her voice. During that time, her popularity here has skyrocketed. When I first got the tickets in spring, many people I mentioned Adele to, had not heard of her. By the time we were going to the concert, she had become the talk of the town!

Her performance was incredible. Every song was as good or better than the CD.
'Remember Me' brought me to tears, she dedicated it to Amy Winehouse, who went to the same school as her.

The set was lovely with an oriental rug and old fashioned lampshades giving an air of comfy homeyness.
Lyle Robertson, the pianist played beautifully. The whole band was awesome. The only thing I could say surprised me though was that Adele did not introduce the members of the band. Maybe just nerves?
Between songs, her chit chat was so funny, Adele could be a stand up comedian if she ever got tired of singing.

The Orpheum is a gorgeous theater.
With a European style of pained ceilings, alcoves and archways. It really was perfectly suited to Adele's voice. Being her just added to the over all magic of the evening!

An amazing venue. At the rate Adele's success is growing, she will likely be performing in arenas on her next tour.
When she comes back to Vancouver, I'll be first in line for tickets!


Penny said...

I will have to check her out, as I am not familiar with her either. That is a lovely venue.

Sally said...

So glad you had a great time, and that's a wonderful photo of you and Keith! :)

Michael Manning said...

Sounds like a cool concert. I'll check her music out!