Thursday, January 06, 2011

Marina del Reichenbach

New years eve was a gorgeous clear , crisp day. We popped out to the dyke to catch the sunset. This is Northland Marina, just north east of the Pitt River Bridge at the end of Reichenbach road.
No sooner had we stepped onto the dyke that we spotted a hawk perched on a stump eating a fish.

Besides boats, there are also a few old boathouses and cabins all reflected in the rivers mirror suface. A backdrop of the surrounding mountains makes this a picture perfect place.
As the sun begins to go down, it washes everything in a golden glow.

My long time friend, with her incredible smile,that has always given me a glow just to be with her.

What a lovely end to the last day of the year.

I am posting this almost a week later. Our weather turned to grey and wet for the last three days. So I look at these pictures and look forward to clear skies returning soon. On the plus side, we did not get the snow that had been predicted this week.


Herman said...

Great pictures Susan! The reflections are beautiful. It's also a reflection of a good time on the right place. :-)

Deanna said...

Aaahh that's me ... in my ooompaloopa wear!

Thanks for sharing the pictures ... it's funny how just a few short hours can really just lift your spirits and renew your energy!

I love this vest .. I wear it constantly. It's like a comforter for daytime use, instead of nighttime use!

More importantly it's brilliant in colour .. and goes with nothing .. which is why I like it even more!

The weather did take an abysmall turn didn't it?!

I did manage to get out to the dyke up until Tuesday, and this morning I am thinking of going over to the indoor track in port moody .. not quite sure ,... but more than likely.

Got to keep the body busy and moving ... otherwise things like life get all clogged up into the brain, and the world comes to a thundering stop.

AND .. on that note ... as the clouds drift past at breakneck speed .. I should venture out into the world ... well for the second time this morning.

OK .. LOVE ( or in the case of me talking to "the Fuss" .. ) "double luva" the pictures.

I hope your dad eventually found what he was looking for ... I watched the sky the next night even .. and it didn't look too cloudy ... but on the Monday .. things were bright pink!

Bobbie said...

The photos are beautiful, Susan. That's a really great picture of our new bridge.
After several days of pouring rain, we should have a sunny weekend. Hope you enjoy yours!

Chaos is my Life said...

"She" really does wear that vest...ALL the time...but I love her in it as well!