Friday, January 07, 2011

Canucks win Again

Thank you to the Ridge Meadows Spartans pee wee C3. They had a raffle for Canucks tickets. Keith works with Dino and Scott, both dads of boys on the Spartans. He bought a few tickets and was the lucky winner!
So tonight we were at Rogers Arena for the Canucks 4th game against the Edmonton Oilers this season. We have beat them every game so far this year.

It is amazing to see these superstars so close! Our tickets were in the 9th row! Almost right behind the Canuck bench.
Cory Schnieder was in net tonight.
Luongo was very supportive of the 2nd goalie and during a goal review was leaning over the bench chatting to Cory who came to the bench while Henrick chatted with the ref at center ice.

We won 6-1!!! Canucks are in first place in the whole NHL. This is our 20th game
without a regulation loss!

Ryan Kessler Got a hat Trick!

As you can see, Keith did not throw his hat to the ice! Those things are pricey!
Bed time now. Got to work at 7am tomorrow. On the bright side, »I will be home for their back to back game with the Detroit Red Wings tomorrow.
Thanks again Spartans!


Sally said...

How exciting!! So glad you and Keith got to be there, and share in the winning!! Great pic of you guys too! :)

Penny said...

Lucky you! BTW: You really outdid yourself with those last set of photos. They are award winners for sure.

Herman said...

Ice Hockey is sport #1 in Canada and so is Football in most European countries as you know. You and Keith were lucky people to get tickets for such a spectacle.

sharon said...

Wow, looks like an exciting night, Susan! Glad you had a great time:) Go team!!!

Walker said...

Nice seats.
Its always fun to go to a game and feel the excitement all around.
Not that my Sens are really exciting this year.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Susan.