Monday, February 08, 2010

Opening Day Again?

We met Andrew at the boat launch. Once again the sun is shining. Just in time for him to go home after he spent two nights in the gloom and rain.
I am just glad he is safe. I cant help worrying about him when he goes off into the woods. He likes camping in minimalist style. Not at a nice safe campsite, but right in the forest. Amongst nature in all its splendor!

Crossing the Golden Ears Bridge this afternoon, it was practically deserted!

I could have walked down the center of the bridge unchallenged by traffic, just as we did on opening day.


Herman said...

It looks like he knows very well what he is doing and how he enjoys the beauty of nature. As we can see he resembles to his father.... very. : -)

Cowboy Joe said...

Glad to hear that he got home safe. I know about that bridge, using it a couple times a week, it's so sad, that people would rather spend $10 in gas plus the maintenance of vehicles rather than $6 in tolls. I save over 10 hours a week using that bridge. I love it.

Deanna said...

Thanks for posting about Andrew.... that just freaks me out that he toodles off, all alone... I realize this must be even more FREAKY for you... glad that all of you are fine... good thing that you have hair colour.

Sally said...

So very glad Andrew is safely home. I'd be just like you, Susan, holding my breath until I saw him. My brother has a weekend place in the Ocala National Forest; I like it down there but have seen coyotes & bears. I'd probably stay inside ALL the time if I was down there by myself. :)

Beautiful bridge, and how awesome the Olympics are being held there!!

Penny said...

It's hard being a mother - letting go of the young'uns, yet still worrying. Like you, my grown kids turn my hair gray with some of their choices. The wilderness journey would worry me, too. But it looks beautiful and appealing. Your son also looks very confident, knowledgeable, and able, as Herman says.
I love the pics of your family from the b'day celebration.
Enjoy the olympics. Will you be going to any events?

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

We had a couger in Oliver, it attacked a dog while someone was walking it on a lead, heard lots of coyotes at night while we were away, the dogs looked very worried but they were safe in the motorhome

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I understand that they are not collecting sufficient tolls so the government (Translink) are having to pay the contractor.
I would like to have seen it be a free crossing like every other bridge and highway in BC