Sunday, February 07, 2010


Yesterday, we dropped Andrew off at the lake. He is spending a couple of nights camping and canoeing. It was gorgeous when we dropped him off. Clear and sunny. By night fall it was cloudy and drizzling. He will be enjoying the challenge of being "Survivor Man".
I worry about him being up there with the hungry bears and mountain lions. Not to mention whatever crazy woodsmen may be running around up there. His greatest danger is probably, exposure to the elements. There is just a dusting of snow on the higher hills
. But even in summer, the nights by this lake can be cool and damp.
While he is playing in the forest, he missed his uncles 50th Birthday. No wonder Don is smiling, this cake was amazing!
Don is married to Keith's sister, Donna. They have two great kids.

Dons family was there. His mom, 2 sisters and 2 brothers.
We took this opportunity to get some family pictures. This is Keith's Mom and Dad. Brother Norm, Sister Donna and conspicuously absent is the baby of the family, Mike. He had to work today.
We all had to take a second look at dad today as he showed up with his mustache darkened! There were more than one comment about a close resemblance to a certain German Dictator! He thought it made him look younger. By the end of the evening, he had decided to go back to being gray!
There they are, the whole St.Cyr gang. Well most of them.

Happy Birthday Don.


sharon said...

Your family get togethers always look like so much fun! I think your Dad looks very distinguished with his mustache darker...maybe if it was a titch lighter he would look slightly less like a certain German Dictator, but's fun to change things up a bit:)

Herman said...

There's almost everyday something to celebrate in such big, nice, close, warm families as yours! Life is one BIG feast. It was a happy family meeting I guess.
Survivor Man Andrew.... that's a great name. Is it right that he went alone into that area?
And did he take a camera with him?
When I read this stories I realize that I'm getting old.... Keith's brother in law is now 50 and my own son becomes 50 in July this year.... Have a nice week.
BTW I saw a lot more of Vancouver and Richmond on TV yesterday! It was in a Dutch sports program about the olympics. I saw the inside of the Oval in Richmond and it was impressive. The games start Friday and I hope some of you have something to tell about the games in the coming weeks.

Sally said...

You have such a big, wonderful family, Susan. I hope Andrew had a great AND safe time. :)

Monica said...

Susan, I know I don't comment the way I used to but that is about to change. Actually, everything is abut to change. My guy doesn't want to wait till June. My kids are all in college. My writing dream has been going on for a while. (Do you have FB?)

I come here and see family time and I know you get it, too, what family really means. I see Kayla's picture and remember one of the greatest angels I never got to meet but I so adored her.

You are one of my all time favorite bloggers. You are still just as talented as ever with your photography and your writing.