Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rocky Mountain High

Keith perches on a boulder at Lake Louise . I still cant get over the blue of the water here.
Lake Louise boat shack. We should have brought our own canoe. They were renting these out for $40 an hour!!!!
The weather there is very changeable. It can be hot and sunny one minute then pouring down and chilly a moment later. Which makes for wonderful rainbows!

The dining room at the Lake Louise Chateau. Enormous arched windows framed the view of the lake and glacier.. Our budget didn't allow for a meal in here though. We ate our breakfast at the Husky gas station restaurant at the bottom of the road, which still had a nice view of the glacier.
This area is well known for grizzly sightings. As this sign says, it is against the law to hike in this area in groups of less than four. Being that we were only two, we made sure to stay close to other hikers. We did not see a grizzly bear though! If you really want to see bears, go visit my friend Deanna who lives in Port Coquitlam, just a 20 minute drive from my house. She sees bears all the time near her place. Black bears.


Herman said...

Beautiful surroundings to celebrate your holiday, Impressive views on the gletzer and beautiful nature. Isn't it exciting those encounters with moose and (almost) bears? :-))
Such a holiday is a boys dream.
That mountain I mentioned yesterday looks more like a mammoth, not an elephant. :-)

Penny said...

Such spectacular beauty. Your pictures are so amazing.

Sally said...

Oh my, how beautiful!! Just look at the rainbow~awesome! You live in such a wonderful place; I know I keep saying that. :)

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I also see Hermans "Elephant"

The ferry closed today so I posted pics on my blog from my last crossing.

There has been a big forrest fire near whistler

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I suppose with four people the bear is confused over which person would taste better.

enjoy the rest of your trip.

sharon said...

That was a spectacular rainbow! I think if I was to hike there, I would want to go with at least four people. four very slow runners to be exact. You know what they don't have to be faster than the bear...just faster than one of your that wrong?