Monday, March 02, 2009


Last Wednesday evening we were graced with yet another snowstorm. We only got a couple of inches which melted away by noon, but it was a good reminder that winter was still upon us.
I had to take Thursday and Friday off work as I had a nasty stomach upset. Word of advice.... Salmon cream cheese does not appreciate being taken back and forth to work all week! By Friday, i was still yucky but no longer tossing my cookies. The storm clouds had blown away and we awoke to blue skies. This clear morning inspired me to pick up the camera to shoot this gorgeous scene from my kitchen window, of our mountains with fresh snow.
That same evening, the skies remained clear and we had this lovely night sky.

Gladly, on Saturday, I was almost feeling my usual self and decided to make the road trip I had planned for the weekend to the OUTHOUSE CAPITAL aka my parents place. I checked the road report prior to leaving and it seemed like the roads were fine. Which they were, except for a few areas of compact snow, but it was fine.
Heidi and I enjoy the 400kms of winding mountain road. I was amazed at how little snow there was at the side of the road. Allison Pass usually has over 10 feet snow walls along the road, but there was very little.

Once we left the mountains and entered the Okanagen, there was a little snow in the fields but nothing on the road. It looks so pretty with all the dried grasses poking through.
The river running along the highway in Princeton usually is completely iced over at this time of year and it is quite open already. So in spite of our extreme winter out here on the coast, it would seem that inland they have had it a little milder than usual! We saw a huge bald eagle sat on the edge of this ice today but not at a place where I could pull over to shoot it.
I had to wonder if the cattle out this way, should be considered fresh or frozen beef? Isnt this a handsome creature? What a gorgeous colour hide, and what a cute pink nose!

It was Saturday when I took this picture, but it looked to me like these beasts were heading off to church! This is just outside of Headly. The older building on the left was the original church, probably where the great grandparents of these cattle would have congregated!
And taken this morning from my folks doorstep, Dad (Mr Outhouse), Heidi, Myself, Aunt Gail and Uncle Larry. The two dear people on the right were our prime reason for making this visit. Though its always great to get up to visit my family. My Aunt and Uncle were up visiting from Washington for a few days, so I was eager to catch up with them. Here we were all ready for the mass exodus. Dad was in his short pants as he likes to keep the wood fire in the house at a roaring blaze.
Our drive home was almost uneventful, as the little snow that was on the roads on Saturday had completely disappeared. We did have a near miss with a deer though. Fortunately, I had already geared down as I was travelling a winding steep road. So I was able to cram my brakes on to miss Bambi by a mere hairs width as he ambled casually across the road. I was just praying that the semi which I knew was not far behind me would not barrel around the bend and cream me! I live to tell!


Herman said...

You were early this morning Susan :-)
I saw your post coming in and I looked immediately at what you had to tell. What a nice tale concerning the travel to your parents and what you have seen and encountered along the road. You live in a world which is so different from ours. The photos of the mountains are always splendid. Each time they look differently. Fortunately you have not collided the deer. Beside the fact that it is an unpleasant experience it is also dangerous for your own safety, and precious when there is damage to your car.
I smiled when I saw you standing next to your Dad. He in his shorts and you packed in a warm coat, shivering from the cold. :-)

Sally said...

Great pictures, Susan! I love where you live even though I haven't been there!

I'm sorry you were sick, but glad you were able to make the trip; it's SO wonderful to visit with our families.

Have to tell you (after your comment about Elton John) He and Billy Joel were here in my town last night, and I didn't even know. Can you tell I don't get out much? hahahaha

But, the reviews were great!

Take care, and keep well, you hear? :)

deni said...

Such lovely scenery, I could look at that all day.

Charly said...

Waw, great area. Wish i could see it with my own eyes. Canada has such beautyfull nature.