Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Lexie!!!!

This week Lexie will be celebrating her 11th birthday and we had a party for her on Saturday. She commandeered my services as official photographer so that she could have a post done on the blog. She was very concerned her Mom in Edmonton should be able to see her celebration and not feel so left out. I can say without any reservations that lexie and her brothers too, are such thoughtful children.
To start with, she met all her friends at the swimming pool for a couple of hours.
Five of these girls are my nieces. It pleases me to know Lexie thinks of her cousins as friends. She really loves her extended family.
Lexie on the left, cousins, Emily in the center and Natasha on the right.
After swimming, we loaded them into cars and drove to Aunty Donna and Uncle Dons house, where they have enough room to accommodate ten squealing little girls! Thanks Aunty and Uncle for opening your home and helping Lexie's dad Norm host such a fun event. Norm got pizzas which quickly got devoured. Heidi and I made the cake, in the music theme which Lexie had requested.
Although not used to being the party host, Lexie's dad Norm had a glow about him from all the fun and excitement, or was it just the reflections from the ceiling light?
This single dad thing can be trying at times, but this day, all that effort paid off.
It was as nice to see Norm smiling and genuinely happy, as it was to see Lexie so (but then she is always cheery). Milestones like this can also be cause for much melancholy for a family who is still missing our Kayla so sorely. But without a doubt, her spirit was felt singing along to Happy Birthday for her sister.
Aunty Donna holds the pinata as the kids
scramble for candy. This poor creature was felled by a mighty blow!

The main events of the night were to be music related. From freeze dance, to Karaoke, to Rock Band. We sure did have a house packed with talent. You would think all the exercise and excitement would have worn them out, but nooooo. They did not fall asleep until past 2.00am! I don't know why we call them "sleep overs" because they never get much sleep at these things!

Uncle Keith and Uncle Mike, wimped out early on and had a rest on Aunty Donna and Uncle Dons Bed for a while... WIMPS! They left their poor defenceless brother alone with a house full of women. Oh well, such is the price of fatherhood.

Uncle Don is one of Lexie's biggest fans and paid her many compliments on her new birthday outfit that she got off Uncle Mikes family! Only 11 but looking so sophisticated. But still young enough that I had to explain what sophisticated meant!
Happy Birthday little one.
I know your mom will be happy to see what a great day you had. Right MOM?


Herman Verbrugge said...

Happy Birthday Lexi! What a party with your nieces and the whole family! Thank you for inviting me to celebrate your Birthday too. You are really a sophisticated young lady now. Every time it makes me feel good when I see that lovely smile on your face on the photos aunty Susan shoot. And how sweet of you to think of your Mom, I'm sure she was glad to know that you were concerned of her feelings for you. Do we see you next time in your own blog?

Bobbie said...

From the pictures, it looks like Lexi had a very happy birthday! She is such a sweetheart. Her personality comes through in the pictures!

Happy Birthday Lexi!!

Sally said...

She's such a cutie pie!! Happy Birthday ~ 11 years old. That's a great age; I even remember. hahahaha

Thanks for sharing the great pictures; I'm sure Lexie's mom appreciates it!!

Have a great day, Susan!

Penny Halston said...

What a fun party! Good job on the cake. Lexi is a sweetheart and she deserves this special day. I'm glad you shared it with us. Happy Birthday Lexi.

Annie said...

What a lovely party! Happy Birthday Lexie!

Deb said...

Looks as though a fine time was had by all.

Walker said...

Looks like Lexie had a great time on her birthday.
Smiles all around.
I don;t know alone in a room full of women sounds good to me LOL

And being a single father is NOT and easy thing but either is being any kind of single parent