Friday, March 06, 2009

Look Out World.

Today was Heidi's graduation from Douglas College's Veterinary Office and Animal Care certificate Programme. Here, she gives Sasha a cuddle at our front door before heading off to the College.
It was a really nice ceremony. Her Daddy and I watched her recive her diploma with our hearts bursting with pride.
Posing here with her Dad out side the college,this once very shy girl has blossomed into a confident young lady.
It was not that long ago that we wouldn't have been able to pry her off our arms. Today she was off mingling with her classmates, looking so amazingly grown up.
In other news, last Friday David completed his first year of the Electrician Programme at BCIT.
He has been out every day this week seeking employment as a first year apprentice. Yesterday, he got hired for a full time possition, starting at $15.00 an hour!!!! With the economic slowdown, we were worried thet it may be difficult to find work. Hopefully Heidi has such quick results next week when she starts her job hunt.
And here, Dad looks like he is the graduate! Graduated from parenthood? Yes, with top honours. Dad you did a great job!


Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Hey, you can start collecting rent now, its payback time.
Heidi looks very nice in her gown. Glad David got a job, he can come up here in his spare time and do some electrical work for James and Cathy.

Herman said...

Congratulations Heidi!
Susan can you explain a little bit more about the "Veterinary Office and Animal Care certificate Program"? For what kind of job can she apply now?
Very nice photos, especially the one with the three of you.

Sally said...

I am so happy for all of you!

Congratulations are in order, for sure!

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing, Susan! :)

Kevin said...

A very proud day! Congrats to all. You are now beginning a new chapter in your life. Before you know it, they will be moving out.

Kevin said...

That's not Kevin, it's pennyhalston.

Cowboy Joe said...

Congratulations to Heidi.

Susan, I like your haircut.

Sorry I didn't make it down to the Ranch the other night. Houseful of kids and all, you know the drill....

Hugs and prayers

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, thanks for such a lovely blog, I am a very proud Grandma, but then I always have been! Great stuff that David got hired so soon, it must have been a real boost for him, hope Heidi gets employment as quickly.

You both must feel so proud of all your kids, they are all a credit to you, you both graduated top of the class as parents, dad and I are really proud of the wonderful parents you both are.

Herman said...

YES! I also like your new haircut Susan, like Cowboy Joe said :-)

Walker said...

I think you bioth have done a gret job with the kids and you deserve the honors also.
Its takes more than just doing your homework to to succeed in school and the support of family is on top of the list

Curtis said...

Well you should be proud of everyone. They all are doing so well and I'm sure Heidi will have no trouble finding a job. The 100 mile challenge was really something.

nachtwache said...

Congratulations! It's wonderful when our children do well.

Louisiana said...

Graduated: congratulations Heidi, what a wonderful accomplishment and parents as well. what a beautiful family picture and you look so nice S and when did you cut your hair?

it is true that time seems to be in a hurry as we get older. the kids grow up so fast.

H is beautiful and honestly i'm sure that she will always have a great place of work. a certain calm, confidence comes through her pictures. animals all over are happy to have her in their side. good luck to her.

i'm glad that your son got a great job. that is not a bad start wage specially with the ways things are going. trades like his will always be on demand and as he builds his clienthood, word of mouth of his good work and personality will always be his greatest asset.