Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Clean Up

After a few days of mostly rain and gloom, the sun has come out to shine once more. My forsythia is starting to open, finally. What a delay in our spring we have had. Though spring officially has just begun, we normally have it spring like in February! Soon I shall get out and do some work in the garden, hopefully this nice weather lasts.
Before that we have a few details to take care of.
I haven't posted for quite some time... so I have to bring you up to speed on a few things.
To start the month off, we helped Norman find a place of his own. After 18 months with us, I think he, as well as us were ready for him to take the next step. We found a nice basement suite apartment just around the corner. We wanted something nearby so the children will still be able to come over here, and to their other auntie who also lives in the neighbourhood. With Norm working all sorts of strange hours, we feel comfortable knowing they can come over whenever they need to. Its right across from Lexis school, so its nice and close for her. Its so quiet! I miss them already!
We spent a week painting his place and getting them moved in. Keith and Norm moved everything in our mini van. It took alot of trips! We couldn't have done that if he weren't so close as you don't like to travel far with couches hanging our the back door!
Once we got them settled we had to do some cleaning and painting at our house, in the rooms that they had been using. One room is completely done and we just have the last coat of paint to do in the living room. It was all natural pine paneling and I decided to paint it. It looks much nicer and modern and bright. Ill post before and after photos soon.
We also had to get some furniture for down there. We got rid of our old couch to make room for Norms stuff. It was ready to be disposed off as it was very old and worn out. after all, it was purchased by my grandparents when they moved to Canada in the 70's. So now we are looking for a replacement. I have made the back bedroom into a guestroom for my parents as they visit here quite often and have been using our hide a bed upstairs. We got a really nice queen size bed with all the bedding for $130. off Craigslist. It is like new. Heidi has been helping me with the painting.
Both Heidi and Keith have been sick with bad colds the past week. I know Keith has just been doing way too much lately, he needs a good rest. Heidi hasn't been looking for work, no point job hunting with a runny nose. So Monday Morning, she will get started with the job hunt.
David has been working for two weeks and is really enjoying his first year apprenticeship. He feels that his boss likes his work and has started to give him more challenging tasks this last week. Dave has also been seeing a very nice girl for the past few weeks. This weekend, her father bought them plane tickets to come up to their hometown of Powell River so they can meet him!!!! OH TO BE A FLY ON THE WALL! It makes me feel good to know that her father would go to this length. Any dad who would do that must be a pretty caring parent, and that to me says she is from a good family. That sounds so snooty but I admire a parent who remains concerned about his child's affairs even though she is a young adult. I also think that sends a strong message to David that says "Don't hurt my little girl or you may have to answer to me". Hehehehe!
Andrew came home one night and cut off all his beautiful hair! He felt it was time to tidy up a bit. I loved his long dark tresses! But he looks cute with it short too.
Currently we are a one car family! I am off for a few days so we are looking for a vehicle this week. We sold the Volkswagen, which I always felt was too small, we are big tall people and it was just too cramped. The backseat was unbearable. So now we are looking for something just a bit bigger. Keith is in his heyday as he loves the hunt!
So he's hunting for a vehicle and I'm hunting for a couch! Ill post pictures once we have made the kill.


Deanna said...

i loved "make the kill"

congrats on the new paint & a spare that is something that is a rarity in your home!

Herman said...

Thank you for the update Susan, a lot happened in and around the house. Moving Norm and the children to his own place, cleaning and painting the rooms and so on. It has been a busy time for all of you. Have a good hunt. :-)

Herman said...

BTW... I always try to see "something" in such clouds, mostly strange animals or faces. I'm not telling you what I see this time, when I do that then you say he's mad. :-)

Susan said...

Herman, I think the cloud is heart shaped. I am a bit mad to start with so I dont worry what people think of me finding shapes in clouds.

Walker said...

YOu have been having a busy month but I think in the end you will be happy laying back with the extra space and the new make over in the house.
Powell rivr is a nice place if you're ready to retire and enjoy the scenery.
You got to take the bus up once.
Just once, then fly back.

Sally said...

I see the HEART also, Susan! :)

Well, except for the "colds" things sound pretty good for you guys of late. I'm glad!! (hugs)

Herman said...

Look again Susan.... you can see TWO hearts in that big one, one at the left and the other at the right side of the cloud. fact three hearts :-)

Penny Halston said...

I was looking for a picture in the clouds, too, so I guess we are all a little mad! Congrats on all the painting and cleaning. It must feel good. My daughter moved into the basement bedroom months ago, and I still havent "renovated" the upstairs spare room, yet. Soon...

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I see some sort of wingless bird that is leaping around but cant take flight.
Glad to know the new room is available for us to visit. mom is coming down today.

sharon said...

Well it looks to me like the lint I pulled out of Kelly's belly button yesterday...Not all pictures are pretty, people! LOL

You sound like you've been going non stop, Girl! Good luck on the couch/car hunt.

It's amazing what a coat of paint will do to a room, isn't it! I painted over some paneling from the 70s that we had here, too, and it makes the world of difference. Brings the wall right into the new millennium. Have fun decorating and try and keep your distance from the sickies!

Michael Manning said...

Sally: Thanks for visiting the Festival over at my place! Yes, "out with the old and in with the new is refreshing---a healthy start!' HAPPY SPRING!!!! :D

jel said...

sounds like ya have been busy!

that is a very cool cloud shot!

I love to look for shapes in clouds

take care