Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hot and Cold

Our almost 21 year old son with Binzen the almost 4 year old Springer Spaniel.
They went for a hike in the snowy woods today for several hours. Andrew thought it was great stuff. The dog did for a while, but he didn't have boots on, so he had very cold toes. Thoughtful Andrew carried him through the stream so the pup wouldn't freeze!
I was lazy after my night shift and didn't venture out at all. The snow continued throughout the day. The freeway was shut as it was absolutely an ice rink. Cars and trucks were flipped allover the road. Nearby us, two men were killed in two separate accidents.
The Albion Ferry has been shut down due to the ice on the river.
Police are advising people to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary. I am off work until Saturday so I don't have to go out. But I would like to get some pics. Friday the sun is supposed to be shining and the temps drop further. I aim on making it a day of photo taking.
In other news, Keith assisted 15 year old nephew, Troy in deleting his racy photos off his facebook profile. He had taken self portraits of himself in the bathroom mirror. Topless and the waistline of the jeans slung as low as they could go without showing hair! What was showing were his rippling abs and pecs. All the little teeny boppers were leaving him spicy comments. When one of these little gals suggested a 3*some, mean old Aunty Susan decided some editing of his photos online needed to be done!
He is such a little cutie, Everywhere he goes, girls tell him "You are so cute" amidst gales of giggles. We have the overwhelming responsibility of protecting his virtue. From our own experience as high school sweethearts, we know all to well what the hormonal teenager is capable of!
With this arctic weather forecast to continue through to next week, perhaps that will cool off some of the heat around here!


Fred said...

I tell my kids every day that they need to be very careful about Facebook. I'm "friends" with all three of my daughters so I can peek in now and the to make sure they get it.

Walker said...

Hmmm, i have been doing it wrong.

Anonymous said...