Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yee Haww!

These two silly girls were having a bit of fun last night! Heidi got to be the horse and Lexi was the rider. Dont you ever wish you were ten again?
They are out of focus, because it was one of those moments that was either shoot now or miss it!
I dont know how she hung on so well! She may be a contender when the rodeo comes to town.

She appears to be getting bucked off, actually she just sort of slid off.

You can see by the huge smile, that Lexi quite enjoyed the ride.

So what did you do for fun this weekend?Myself, I felt somewhat back to normal? We went to church parade with the Jobs Daughters, which is Heidis youth group. Then I came home and after a cup of tea, painted the last 15 strips of floor moulding and door trim.


Bobbie said...

What fun!!

Glad you're feeling better.

By the way, I love that photo of Kayla on your sidebar.

Vickie said...

Oh to be young and having all that fun again--oh wait maybe not. Great to hear you are feeling better, I know you think it was about time. Take care and enjoy your week.

Walker said...

They look like they are both loving it as the smiles are evidence enough.
I don't remember the weekend so i must have had a good time or slept which is about the same thing

Fred said...

Great pics!

I did all my chores this weekend so I could leave town next weekend with a clear conscience.

Coll said...

Looks like a fun time. Oh to have their energy. :-)

I too was a Job's Daughter many many years ago.