Monday, October 20, 2008


Here in Canada, we had our federal elections this past week. The Conservatives got top billing with the Liberals coming in a ways behind in second place. The leader of the liberal party, Stephan Dion, announced today that he will be stepping down as soon as they can organize a leadership convention.
I am left asking, why the heck did this man run for the highest office of the country? Ok he did not come in first , but he is still the leader of the opposition party. The man, whom many of his supporters gave their vote to, and now he has the audacity to to act like a child on the playground who wont play at all if the rest of the kids wont let him be the captain!
I am not a Liberal supporter, but I still think this move is probably reflective of a pretty big ego and a very small dose of integrity!


Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Back at the Liberal convention when Dion got the Liberal nod, The Tories planted people in the convention as liberal supporters who voted for Dion, knowing him to be the one person Harper could beat.
Also, the media have also killed Dion with criticism and never touch Harper.
I am pleased Harper still has a minority and cant push a hidden agenda.
But lets not make this Political.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

For people from other countries reading Susans blog, our elections are by written ballot with a mark against the candidate of choice, all the votes are counted by hand. I worked at the election, My poll booth list of voters had about 450 names and 260 voted, we sent the result of our poll to the returning officer who adds all the polls to find the winner for our area. No electronic voting in Canada, I think a much fairer way than another country that is facing elections at the moment

Susan said...

OH Dear, what have I started? Here I am getting scolded by my own father, who says...
"lets not make this Political"
Well Dad I am not making it political. As you know, I am fairly ambivilant about politics. I dont care for any of the polititians that ran. To be quite honest, I voted for who my husband was voting for! So I really was not making a political statement here.
I am talking about integrity in leadership. That goes the same in politics as it does at your school PTA group, the ladies weekly bible study or the local pie makers association. Any one who quits, because they only made runner up, and not the top dawg, is a looser for sure in my books. I would have writen the same post if Harper had done the same thing.

Vickie said...

Down here all politicians act like children and and there are some we wish would quit but they just keep on trying but they never do and then there are others who try before they should. I think you have a better system than we do. We have pretty much just a two party system---I know they say we have a third party--then Independent but many times they can not even get on the ballot.

I am just ready for the election to be over with so I will not have to see such nasty ads.

Penny Halston said...

Susan, I'm pretty sure Dion would be ousted by his own party if he didn't step down on his own accord. I think the Liberals may have come in with a stronger leader. Not that I really care, either.

Coll said...

For the good of the Liberal Party I think Dion had no choice but to step down. The voter response (as poor as it was) showed that Canadians do not feel he has what it takes to be a leader. Sadly.. I think we are still lacking a strong leader... but it is what it is.

Walker said...

Thats politics.
I was watching the election and the CTV crew was basically having a pool on when he would be aksed to leave live on election night and asking liberals elected if they would be looking for a new leader before the election results were even final LOL
They have already got the next Liberal leader in mind so i am not surprised he quit