Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Curling with Pumpkins.

Here you have it folks, a picture of Nick (sporting a new do), in the now finished basement kitchen. Isn't my husband amazing? He is so handy! It took a while since it was an after work and weekend project. But finally its (almost) done. Just a few finishing touches needed. Like a shelf to the left of the window for that microwave. and a bit of floor molding which I need to paint first. I hate painting trim once it is in place. I much prefer to slap the paint on while it is laid over the saw horses! I had all sorts of plans to accomplish today and did nothing at all. I have a lousy cold, so I just sat about like a lump with my tissue box handy. The painting can wait. As most of you know Keiths Brother Norm, and his three children are staying with us. The grocery bill has been astronomical. So now they have their own kitchen, that should drop a bit. Also, I think It helps us have a little more privacy from each other. An added benefit is, I think, Norman probably feels more independant again now that he is his own chief, cook and bottle washer!
We had Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, we had 17 people at the tables. Last year we had several more here, but my sisters and one of Keiths brothers had other plans. I can't believe they would rather be somewhere besides here! Well I guess they have to give their in laws some time too. We also celebrated Keiths Mom and her twin Valerie's 70th birthdays. Hmm? When you are twins is it 'a birthday or birthdays?"
Keiths mom is the lady in burgundy. Valerie is in blue. Mom had to put her rowdy husband in line in this clip, as he launched into a second round of happy birthday. That man does enjoy a good sing along!!!

Earlier Keith came in with gifts for the birthday girls. There was an enormous festive bouquet of flowers. I asked, which one the flowers were for... He said they were for me! AWWW!

I picked up this cute little platter for $8. I couldnt resist it. Now its in the middle of my table with a fall display! So totally House and Home, don't ya think. We went around the table and each person said what they were thankful for. The predominant theme was Family, good food and good health. David was Thankful for yeast to make his wine and also very thankful that Troy has stopped wearing skinny jeans!!!

This was my lunch that I had today. Yummy Turkey sandwich and a bowl of pea soup. Made with the ham bone. Delicious! I was so glad to have that huge pot of soup today, made for a very easy supper. Yep, I ate it twice today. The table cloth was a wedding present 23 years ago in August from Mrs Shirley H. Who was a lovely lady who attended the church of my youth. I havent seen her is ten years or more, but still think of her every time I put that cloth on.
This evening, Lexi announced that her class is going curling tommorrow. This si what followed between David and her!
D: Curling? You mean you are going to a hairdressers or something. Getting a perm?
L: NO, you go on the ice and throw rocks.
D: Do the rocks have moss on them?
L NO they are shiny, not real rocks.
Then she grabbed one of the little pumpkins off the table and showed him..
L: See, They are shaped like this and you throw them down the ice like this. (Demonstrates an excellent curling throw, with good follow through. We tried to remain focused on the conversation as the dog galloped down the hall to catch the hurtling mini pumpkin).
D: OH so do the pumpkins have moss on them, long curly moss?
L: No, My mom used to watch curling on TV, so I know.
Then we got distracted as Heidi comes storming out of the bathroom... "Whats this?" (holds up a tube of Preparation H. I almost put it on my toothbrush! Tears welling up in her eyes. "Its dad's" I said, ""Well where's the toothpaste gone!" Then Lexi pipes up "Whats that stuff for?" "Ask Uncle Keith when he gets home." I said. Thankfully, she had gone to bed before he got in! We just got a new bathroom cupboard, so some of us are still figuring out where the particular toiletries belong. Yes folks, sometimes chaos is the name of the game.
SO, how was your day?


EMOB said...

Love the new look! Happy fall!

Vickie said...

Sounds as if you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and most everyone there really understand the things that are important.

I imagine everyone will enjoy the new home arrangements allowing a little more of their own space--although everyone around your house always seems to enyo the more the merrier.

I love the new look here.

Bobbie said...

Your Thanksgiving celebration sounds wonderful. Glad you had such a great day.

Hope you are feeling better now. Take care of yourself - the painting can wait for another day!

steelcowboy said...

Eww... PrepH on the toothbrush? That would have been a pain in the... ah, nevermind ;)

Faye said...

Hi Susan, I really enjoyed reading your post today. The comments on the Prep H and curling were hilarious. The basement kitchen looks great. Such a good size window for a basement, it must be a walk in basement? That will be great for everyone if they have their own space including kitchen.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Faye

Deanna said...

Like the black. Black is a good look for us picturey people.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Watch out with the bathroom cupboard, I almost used Compound W instead of Preperation H.
I went to a memorial on Thursday, for a 17 year old boy who died in a car accident here last week, his grandad is a member of our lodge.