Wednesday, October 15, 2008


As you can see I have changed the appearance o my blog. I love the new header feature. I just plonked this picture in the header for now but I may change it occasionally for interest sake . I think the black background shows up the photos nicer. I still need to go in and redo my blogroll, which may take some time.
I have done nothing here today. I have a cold and feel really lazy. I am stuffy and have a slight temp. All I have bothered to do is make a turkey sandwich and warm up some of my pea soup. I did some blog surfing too. The paint for my bathroom is still in the can. I think tomorrow will be a good day to paint. Besides the furnace wont come on. Most of the time we just have the fires going for heat. But I need to keep the bathroom warm and dry in order for paint to dry!
Poor Keith had a hard day ahead of him at work. He had to give a tour of the terminal to some clients. The second in two weeks! Well the last one he did, landed the company some contracts, so its worth it! But it is very stressful, I am sure. He sat preparing for it last night for ages. Makes me feel a bit guilty for being so lazy today!


Smalltown RN said...

Well hello!!!! Long time ......I forgot about you blog..and here you are....oh I do love what you have done to your header....and yes your Oliver pictures and the orchards are a gorgeous as ever....thanks for stopping by my blog again....cheers!

Dina said...

Hi there, I love your new set up, it looks ever so neat. Well done.