Saturday, July 05, 2008

Little Ones

Here they are!!! You may have seen photos of them here before, but I'd like to make official welcome and introductions. Everyone, Please give a huge HELLO to Kaylas younger siblings, Lexi and Nick! They arrived here on Wednesday from Edmonton and are now in residence at our home. Of course you already know Troy, their brother who has been with us since September. (Not seen in these photos). My Heidi and Troy are up at Grandmas for a few days, which gives these two, some time to assimilate here without the bossy ones to guide them. Well, I'm here and I'm bossy too! But I'm MOM/AUNTY so I'm allowed.

Today Keith and I took them to the beach in Vancouver, Lexi had been asking since she arrived, and was enthusiastic about exploring the tidal flats, while Nick and Uncle Keith engineered an amazing sand castle. Sadly the tide came and flooded it before I photographed it.
Lexi collected seashells and pretty stones in a bucket. We found a starfish which she christened Purple and helped it by putting it in a pool where it could stay moist.

Nick found a little crab, dont worry, it was no longer alive and he didn't fool me for a moment that it had nipped him! Don't forget, I've raised two boys of my own. I don't scare easily! I was pleased to see him enjoy the beach. He tends to be the quiet one, whereas his siter is a constant stream of natter!

We had our picnic surrounded by curious seagulls. This pretty female perched nearby. Nick pointed out that she was missing a foot. Then he turned and our eyes locked for a moment, both thinking the same thing I am sure. We all went quiet and just watched her for a minute. Our eyes saying to each other "It was as though Kaylas angel come to join us in feathered formation". She sat down on a nearby log while we ate. The sight of her made Lexi sad for a moment. We thought it was a shame this little bird couldnt have a prosthisis to help it like Kayla had!
We watched a huge blue heron stalking the waves close by. Such a graceful and delicate creature. Reminding me of the origami cranes.

I've found myself coming close to tears a couple of times since the children arrived. Just as I thought I was adjusting to Kayla's passing, these little ones arrival has freshened the pain. Lexi is so much like her sister to look at. We are remembering Kayla In so many little little ways. Lexi states so matter of factly little things like, at breakfast yesterday...
"Kayla would have loved these muffins".

We watched with great interest, a young girl out on the dock, dancing and twirling and singing to herself, in a world of her own. Unaware of our happy stares. Lexi asked how old I thought she was. Then said " She reminds me of my sister". Her simple, statements are uttered quite plainly. Just the facts. She is happy to see Kayla in the world, drawing on happy memories. Its very healthy. Some times, Lexi's words put a lump in my throat. But mostly she puts a smile on my face and warms my heart.


chosha said...

She really does look like Kayla. I'm so glad she speaks openly and often about her sister. She's just the kind of person who will take the pain out of remembering Kayla, one comment at a time.

Penny Halston said...

It is wonderful for your family to have time to enjoy together - happy and sad, yet, healing. Kayla will always be with you. My dad died almost one year ago at the grand age of 81. Yet, tears still come to my eyes when some unexpected memory pops into my mind. I miss him differently than the sorrow you feel for a young life that was far too short. May Kayla's spirit and memories bring you comfort, as you spend time together with Kayla's siblings.

Bobbie said...

You have a full house, but it's a house filled with love. I think the children will slowly heal from the loss of Kayla with all the TLC they are getting from you and Keith. Kayla will always remain in your hearts and your memories. I'm glad they enjoyed themselves at the beach.

Take care and enjoy the weekend.

Dina said...

Lexi, looks alot like Kayla. It's a good thing however that she speaks openly about Kayla.

canuckabilly said...

Those kids couldn't be in a better place. She does look just like Kayla doesn't she. Well they've got it good now like I did when my grandparents took me in.

Adrienne St Cyr said...

Hi there Susan...It was a wonderful's great to see my two youngest children, enjoying such a carefree day with their Aunty and Uncle. Thankyou for opening up your hearts and home to two are the very best! I love seeing the smiles on their faces! I'm glad they are speaking freely and with so much love about their sister Kayla. Hopefully...Nick will slowly start opening up little by little!

I can't wait to see all of you.

With all my heart,
(Nick & Lexie, and dear Troy & kayla's Mom!) xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, great post. It looks like the new arrivals are settling in well. It is a perfect time of year for them to come, with pool in the yard and loving auntie and uncle to give them such love and attention, just what they need to get over the last few awful months of their young lives.

I can really feel the amazement that you guys experienced at the appearance of the gull with only one leg, you can't help but wonder if it was Kayla in a different form.

What day are you planning your drive up here and are you bringing the other little ones with you? Troy's social life is one big whirl, and he doesn't want to go home until after the weekend as he has 'major plans'! told him to forget it as you were planning having them home for Satuday's party. Heidi seems quite happy to tag along with Troy and company. Weather has been fantastic every day, but a big thunderstorm one evening that we all sat on the deck and oohed and oohed over. There was a half hour of torrential rain but the next day was hot and sunny again. Lots of meals outside, accompanied by Cathy and James. Last night I did a big beef roast with all the trimmings, both Try and James seeing who could eat most beef. Heidi and I both had fish and were somewhat disgusted at all the beef being consumed. Tomorrow we are having a barbeque with all the Kiwanis, so Troy gets steak, the next day it will be back to cheese or eggs.

All for now, see you very soon, mom.

Anonymous said...