Sunday, July 06, 2008

Jump In.

I just did two day shifts and tommorrow I start a set of six days off!!!! Yay.
Thanks to Donna, Keith's sister and to Keith's mom, for taking the kids over the weekend while we worked. They have had a nice time playing with Donna's kids who are close in age to Nick and Lexi. They are really enjoying having all this family to visit with. They will have a blast next weekend when we have our big pool party and the next day when another cousin, Kaity, has a birthday party!
As you can see in this series of photos, Lexi is a very enthusiastic waterbaby with the help of big cousin David.

I checked my daily photo inbox this week and had a request to use some of my photos in a brochure for a medical company to attract prospective employees to the area! They want to pay me too! Now If I could get an offer like that every day, I could live on my photography! As it stands, It is only the second such offer in a year. But that makes it even more special. I have also had a couple of photos published in magazines, but for credit only not for fiscal payment. Which is still nice.

I have a few things to do this week. Mid week I will have to drive up and pick up Heidi and Troy from Grandmas house in the Okanagen. Ill stay over night and then drive back. YAY road trip! I love the drive. I have missed those two, but I know they have have had a great time on their little holiday! A huge Thank you goes to Stephanie, Heidi's best friend for doing Heidi and Troys paper routes while they are away. She has done that on top of working full time.

I also have to get ready for our big pool party and Barbeque on Saturday. Any family reading this, I hope you can join us. We will be celebrating David and Heidi, Stephanie and Kayla's graduation and we will also be welcoming Lexi, and Nick to B.C.. We also have a whole whack of summer birthdays, we will light candles on the graduation/welcome cake and sing for 'He's a Jolly Good Birthday Boy'. Talk about your two birds and one stone. Ill need to do a bit of weeding and get some gifts bought.

I also have to finalize Heidi's registration for college. I have to pick up the letter from the vet confirming her experience there. I can't believe my baby is going to college in the fall!

David got his confirmation of registration to his Electrician program for fall at BCIT. They zapped a nice chunk of money out of the bank for that. Dave is looking forward to becoming a sparky! Luckily for him (and us) he was put to the front of the list through a high school initiative called Career Development. It is aimed at getting Kids into the trades that are in high demand. We have heard of people who are waiting up to two years to get in this program!

My sons have both been hired by the city. It is much better money than their current jobs. Andrew has been working for the past year at the grocery store as a stock boy. And David quit after only six months washing dishes at a local eatery. They look so cute in their workboots and coveralls. I am dying to get a photo of them! My little boys are growing up. Today was their first day and they were driving Semi Trucks and the Back Hoe on the work site. The clincher... Neither has a full drivers license yet!! I can't believe it! Don't the boss know they are only little boys? They may be 6'2" and 6'6" but that doesn't mean they are men.... does it? Yikes!!! Apparently, it doesnt matter abour drivers licenses on private property. I dont know how thats allowed with WCB (Workmans Compensation Board).

I have been taking Andrew out for driving lessons, He is getting better, and is almost ready to test. I can tell, because I am no longer experiencing a racing pulse and adrenalin rushes like I was a few weeks ago! Who needs roller coasters or scary movies? Just teach a kid to drive for thrills!

For over half an hour, I have been trying to load up a video to you tube so I can share something with you all in my next post. However it says it is still uploading. The trouble is it is a longer one, Over 100 MB. Herman has been able to load up some really long clips so I know its possible. Ill wait a bit longer and if it doesnt work then ill but in a shorter one.
OK It loaded to YouTube. Now I will attempt to link it to here.
Hope everyone has a good week!


Dina said...

Hey Susan, seems like you will be needing more rest days after the six days and the busy weekend ahead! Will be looking forward to see photos from your pool /bbq parties !! take care and have a good week you too.

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