Friday, April 11, 2008

Birthday Boy

On April 9th it was my nephew Troy's 15th birthday. Unfortunately we had meetings on the evening of the 9th and 10th. Although, last night the Demolay guys did sing a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to him. So this evening was our first chance to celebrate. I made him a yummy dinner with MEAT. We are mostly vegetarian so he really enjoys a good hunk of roast heffer! Uncle Keith and his dad picked up an Ice Cream cake, as Troy said that is what sort he would like. My Sister Carol and her two munchkins were over as well. Incase you dont know, Troy is Kayla's younger brother, who live with me.
A friend sent me this you*tube clip I think it is absolutely incredible. How intelligent are these creatures? With braiins that large they must be very clever. What do you think?


Herman Verbrugge said...

Happy belated Birthday to Troy! 15 years old is almost a young adult :-)
I don't see the link to the YouTube video, you forgot to paste it into your post. You made me curious :-)

Anonymous said...

Aunty're absolutely the best! The birthday boy and the birthday ice cream cake look I just wanted to point out one small birthday is April 9th...not March I forgive because I know how tired you are!...Love from Adrienne...Troy's mom!...xoxoxo

Bobbie said...

Happy Birthday to Troy. I'm glad he enjoyed his day.

I check in daily to see if there's any updates on Kayla. Keeping her and the whole family in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you are taking care of you, Susan. ((hugs))

Susan said...

I reloaded the you tube, I hope you can see it now. I would hate you to have your curiosity unsated!
Thanks for pointing out my typo. Please note correction has been made.

Faye said...

A happy belated birthday to Troy. So nice you could celebrate with him since Kayla has been on everyone's mind lately.
Every night and most mornings Kayla has been the first in my prayers.
Amazing video! I didn't know elephants were so dexterous and talented with a paint brush.
Hugs, Faye

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday, Troy, hopw the cake was good.

Susan thankyou for pointing out which was myself and which was the horse, the horse is the pretty one!!!

Glad to hear that Kayla is feeling more comfortable, hopw she continues to improve, so she can make the journey. That is a long drive for such a sick girl, even breaking the journey at our place means two days of driving.

The elephant video is unmbelievable, if these huge beasts have such a great brain, how terribly frustrated they must feel when kept in a small enclosure, in captivity. That is why I hate zoos and circus events. I always want to scream out for the poor beasts who spend most of their life in a cage. Safari parks are better as the animals get some freedom and it is humans who sit in a car to enjoy watching them.

Had a nice birthday, catered a dinner for 80 people, but surrounded by fun loving co-workers, so had a nice evening. Mom

Herman Verbrugge said...

Thank you Susan for the videos. I couldn't believe what I saw.

sharon said...

Happy Birthday to Troy. Hope he had a great one. Cool elephant vid..Now I've seen everything!

Anonymous said...