Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The weather man explains what happened with the various fronts over night that caused us to get a SNOWDAY!!!!!
The kids were thrilled to hear the news that schools in the area were closed for the day. He had some explaining to do as he had predicted possibly 6cm. Instead we had about 20cm. Oh darn! He didn't count on that moist air moving in from the Pacific to bring so much moisture.
Keith's hockey practice was canceled as well because of the snow. Instead, he packed up David and Our nephew Troy, and headed over to Grandpas to shovel his walkways. He is such a good dad, teaching the boys about doing for others. Heidi and the dog were outside playing in the snow before anyone else was even up. Binzen loves the snow, he goes nuts out there.

We have had alot of feathered visitors. With the snow covering everything, the bird feeders are getting a steady stream of customers. Today I even sprinkled extra into the planters under the deck for easy access. They are so cute to watch. It always amazes me how these tiny little beings can survive the winter cold.
It continued to snow most of the day. Stars are out now, so the temperature will drop overnight.We only got to -1 today. Some parts of Canada are down to -52 with the wind chill factor. Please folks. Those of you who live in those areas, if you have toddlers, make sure you have latches high up on the inside of your doors. Today we heard yet again of a three year old found frozen to death. Her one year old sister is still missing! It happens way too often and is so easily prevented!


sharon said...

Yes, I heard about that, too. The father was found, but I think he was pretty out of it. It's such a shame. We didn't get it as bad in Richmond as you guys did. We never do...much to Alicia's disappointment. LOL

Dina said...

Oh my god!! that is so sad. And here i was complaining of how chilly it was yesterday evening ..... we had a low of 11degrees!!!! hey that is cold for us folks living on this sunny island.

leslie said...

It's miserable here in Ladner. The road is icy but the snow is melting now - I can hear it dripping from the eaves. Hopefully this will be the last winter blast before spring arrives!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, I sat with my morning tea and watched the results of the snow on the news. Vancouver came to it's usual grinding halt and they had just a couple of inches, but the school reports said most schools outside the Vancouver area were closed.

We had a slight dusting of snow, less than a half inch, but it has been -14 for most of the week. It hasn't felt too bad outside as the sun has been shining non-stop, but we had one day of wind that was really awful. I took the dogs out wearing (me not the dogs), a sweater, a vest a big woolly hat, plus anorak with hood up. I had to wrap a scarf round my face as the cold was actually painful. I can't imagine how it feels at -40 plus windchill, if I felt so awful at -14! The dogs thought it was great, they didn't seem to notice any change in the weather and were a bit surprized when I cut the walk shorter than usual.

Today it is mild and sunny again, so the cold doesn't seem too bad, however, when I went into the car, I found I had left some coffee in my thermal mug from the day before
and it was frozen solid. Also the snow that my shoes had left on the car mat was still frozen. I have got into the habit of starting the engine and waiting a few minutes for the heater to start blowing warm air, before I get into the car, otherwise, your bum feels frozen, even though I have cloth seats. brrr

Only a couple more days and dad gets home from Palm Springs. He has enjoyed his trip into Death Valley, not my cup of tea at all. He is bringing back a box of fresh dates, yummy. Last year he brought a 25 lb box and we ate tham all in a couple of weeks, they were wonderful.

While he has been away, I have been clearing out cupboards and getting stuff ready for Eastern Star Installation. I have been collecting stuff for quite a while, so it was time to dig it all out and get it organized. A good time to do it while dad is away, he always wants to know why I have 'all that crap' in the cupboard, then I remind him that he has a dead owl!!!
All for now, love mom

Penny Halston said...

We've been having -40 temps with windchill but at least no snow with that. I'm waiting for warmer weather.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Hello from sunny Palm Springs, been on lots of hikes, temps just right for that in the low 60's
I also went to Death valley, north of here and it was super, I was away here four nights and slept in the car with the passenger seat down flat, it was nice and cosy and lots of exploring during the day. I read moms post here about all the cold weather, looks like I hit the jackpot and missed the worst part of winter.
Tomorrow I fly back to the cold weather...brrrrr.

Walker said...

Ah A little snow is good for yeah LOL

It does make for some beautiful picutres to

canuckabilly said...

Gotta love all this cold weather. WHERE'S ALL THE SNOW, I WANT SNOW!!!

Faye said...

You have been getting more snow that usual for the winter haven't you Susan? It looks pretty though. Our snow is old, dirty and hard. Though we did lose a lot from some heavy rains yesterday. There are too many pigeons around our feeders chasing all the pretty little finches and sparrows away.
Hugs, Faye

Andrew said...

We're currently getting our first fresh snow in about a month. Naturally, I have to be at the airport early tomorrow...