Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jock Straps and such!

This evening the snow we have been forecast over the past two days, finally began to fall. Keith and I had popped into Canadian*Tire for a couple of things. We were there about half an hour. When we came out of the store, the world had been transformed by a complete covering of snow. At that point there was probably less than am inch. The roads have been well salted in anticipation so they were not bad. It's now been coming steadily down for over four hours and the world of Maple Ridge is now a Christmas card! I wont be surprised if they call me in to work tomorrow. I live close to the hospital, but folks who work further out may have trouble getting to work.
When we were in C*T*, Keith got himself a nice shiney new jockstrap! Whoo hooo. Our nephew saw it and asked him if it vibrates! LOL. Lately, this boy has had sex on the brain. And so does his nephew! It must be those raging 14 year old hormones. Keith has joined the newly hatched company hockey team. He had better enjoy it, his skates cost more than my engagement ring did. If the hockey team lasts a fraction of time the marrage has, then he should be playing for quite some time. He wasnt thrilled when a couple of young guys in the store thought he was on an old timers team! Hehe. The old fella is looking forward to the exercise, he was out of breath just trying on his jock strap and helmet! LOL Im not sure if that was exertion or the excitement! Have you ever seen a man in a jockstrap and a helmet? I should have grabbed the camera! They have their first practice in the morning.

While we were in the store, as he perused the jock straps, I sought out a new coffee mug. I found one I like, and a new lunch box. I am sick of taking my lunch in a grocery bag, the same bag that 30 other people take their lunch in too! One day last week I lost my lunch and was starving. I got a nice fat Sharpie Pen and wrote my name on it. I also got all the kids new water bottles. I got Troy a pair of gloves, David a reading lamp, Windex, Comet and those little lunch size ice packs.

On Friday, My sister Sheila and I met at a funeral parlour for the memorial service of an old family acquaintance. Marg was my very first boss. She was the head nurse of a private hospital (group home) for 22 adults with special needs. Her position also provided her and her family with a house next door to the hospital. I started there at age 15 doing dish washing, dietary aide, housekeeping and laundry. I worked there weekends and holidays. A split shift. Four hours for the morning and four in the evening. Marg worked quite a few nights, so occasionally I would go next door and babysit her two small daughters for a couple of hours so she could get some sleep. It has been a long time since I worked with Margaret, or even saw her at all for that matter. But when I heard she had passed away at the young age of 67, my heart went out to those two young girls of hers. Now they are young ladies, one of them with a son, eight years old. The girls did a wonderful eulogy for their mom, I admire the courage it took for them to stand up and speak to their mothers memory at such an emotional time. So sad.

A week ago, I went with my other sister to an appointment, just to keep her company on the drive. She was getting an xray of her back, to see if her nuts and bolts are holding up ok. Sometimes they have to be removed. We were sat side by side in the waiting room. The nurse came out and called her in, and then she asked "Would your Mom like to come with you?"............!!!!!!!!! What the heck is that? I am only a year older. Thats it I told Carol, I am getting fake nails, a haircut and new clothes! But you know what? I am too lazy to bother with all that fuss. I like being able to throw my hair up in a clip, I like my clothes comfortable and long nails would just give me nose bleeds when I have to pick out a crusty one! So Ill happily remain 42 going on 60 for now. And Carol checked out OK, she looks 14 and her back is fine!

I had better slide into bed so I am well rested for the hockey practice tomorrow! To heck if they try to call me into work, Ive got a photo op!


Canadian flake said...

gotta loveeeeee those "cups" eh?? LOL

Looking forward to hearing about the 1st practise. Hope you got some pics too..lol

Walker said...

When I was a kid we couldn't affort Jock straps when we played hockey so we used to drop a puck down there before the game incase someone got lucky with a slapshot If you did get hit down there, the two pucks made a clapping sound when they struck each other and if we saw a player writhing down on the ice, we used to say he whas struck down by the Clap.

I am sure Keith will have a fun time playing on the hockey team and it is great exercise.
I haven't been on skates in 7 years.
Not since I tried skating around the back of the net backwards at full speed and found myself plastered in the glass looking like a splattered deer fly on a windshield

Dick said...

Have Keith be careful as he isn't 16 anymore either. My son's wife got him a new skate board a couple of years ago and he broke his arm on it the first time out. The exercise is good but have him work up to it rather than trying to start at full steam.

As to work calling, just give them your cell number & set a special ring for them. When that call comes, you can just ignore it & let it go to voice mail if you don't want to play.

sharon said...

hockey equipment is always so expensive. I'm sure Keith will have a great time playing, and that's what makes it worth it.

That same thing happened to my sister when someone referred to her as my mother. People just aren't paying attention. Half the time people are asking us if we're twins, so I wouldn't put too much stock in what a busy nurse blurts out without thinking. You look gorgeous to me!

Sky said...

this was such a fun post - you are full of sass and humor! yes, you should have grabbed the camera...i have never seen a jock strap at all! :))

Dina said...

you're funny!! i agree with you about your photo shoot opportunity.......go for it girl!!

Herman Verbrugge said...

This story was something to laugh. My day began good this morning, thank you Susan :-)