Wednesday, December 19, 2007

V is for Victory.

Kayla came through the surgery fine. At this point, they haven't given any information about what they found and how it was to remove. She is up on her ward now , experiencing much discomfort, but has the machine to press the button for pain relief. She was very groggy, as usual after anesthiesia. The surgeons must have had an angel watching over them. Thanks to her mom Addie for keeping us informed.

Yesterday evening we had a call from our niece Kayla and her mom. Just in time for Christmas, her last CT scan revealed a new lesion had appeared on her lung and had grown quite rapidly. So Tomorrow, Kayla will be undergoing surgery to remove it. She will be in hospital for about a week. If her recovery is very good, she may get released on Christmas day. So fingers crossed that all goes as well as the similar surgery that she underwent in September. If indeed she must remain in hospital for Christmas, then I trust that the wonderful people at the hospital will do their best to make it a special day for her and all the other young patients at the Stollery. She has worked so hard to beat the cancer, and each battle that arises, she comes out valiant.
On a happy note, last week her mom wrote that Kayla's poetry was going to be published in a book regarding children's cancer. I eagerly await my copy. Kayla's dream is to be a writer. She is very talented in this area and this news was a joy to hear.
Another dream that she expressed to me when she first had her leg removed, was that she wanted to learn to swim again. Well as you see by this photo taken in August, she has realized that dream and goal also. Kayla may have cancer, but she continues to strive to make her dreams come true, and that she is doing!
My dream is that she goes into remission and stays there! Just as Kayla signals in this photo with old Churchill's "V" that she is victorious in attaining her goal of swimming again, she will hold that hand high and claim victory over her battle with cancer for good.
If you wish to leave a comment, I will forward them to the hospital on Friday morning. By then she will be recovered from the anaesthesia and ready to receive some cheer. The kind encouragement she gets from the Blog community always overwhelms her, and reaLly does make a difference to her spirits.
This post will stand untill she comes home!
Fight hard Kayla!


Walker said...

That just sucks !@#$%^ lemons.
I know she is a tough young lady and she will continue to beat this.
She is an insperation to many of all ages who fight cancer.

I will be thinking of her and her family especially at this time of year and hope she can be there with them Christmas day

Dick said...

Kayla is an amazing young lady who has a great attitude and the asset of youth on her side. I think she will do fine but do let her know there will also be a lot of prayers from this community to help her and her medical team.

Monica said...

I opened my blog back up just for Kayla. She will be in my prayers and like you, I will let the one post stand till she is out of the hospital.

My heart and prayers are with you and the entire family.

Take care of you.

Canadian flake said...

Dear Kayla,

Please always remember that you are in our thoughts and prayers. You are such a special young lady that has had to fight so hard against this disease. You are truly remarkable and so very special. You are my hero!!!

((hugs)) and prayers send your way from Ontario.

Michael Manning said...

Kayla's remarkable attitude seems to be to respond rather than "react" and that is the sign of a Very Courageous person who is looking forward. My thoughts and prayers go to her and her surgical staff for a GREAT outcome! Go Kayla!!

deni said...

Dear Kayla,

My thoughts and prayers are with you. You have shown such tremendous courage and determination that you are an inspiration to many.

May God bless you with a speedy recovery and complete healing forever.

Love and Hugs,

Karen said...

It breaks my heart to know that the nasty cancer strikes again. Kayla is the most brave young woman I've heard of and she is an inspiration to me. It's awesome that she doesn't let anything stop her. Full steam ahead, Kayla. Prayers are yours.

Susan - please send me the info regarding the children's book, it sounds wonderful.


Bobbie said...

Kayla is a very courageous and determined young lady and such an inspiration to so many. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family as she undergoes surgery.

Hope all goes well for you, Kayla and you are home for Christmas!!

Deanna said...

Continue to hold your hand up for victory Kayla... you can do it. Wishing you a continued recovery.

Anonymous said...

Kayla, we are hoping and praying for a successful surgery for you and that you will overcome this latest challenge, with your trustfu faith intact.

We wish yoiu the very best and hope that 2008 will be a healthier year for you, you are an inspiration to us all.

Dave and Pat (Susan's mom and dad)

Skunkfeathers said...

Dear Ms. Kayla,

Tell you what, little angel: in my 50 years, I haven't evolved the guts, heart and fortitude that you exemplify with each battle fought and won. You're a beacon of positive energy to those around you, and beyond you.

You hang in there for a very Merry Christmas, young lady, and a life time more to come.

LZ Blogger said...

Just wanted to wish you and your family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! ~ jb///

Louisiana said...

Dearest Susan,
Kayla is an ispiration to many adults and kids alike. Pls tell her about Keka, for she knows about her. You see, one day this fall, when she was down and about for a few days straight after the confirmation of her status was told to us, i told her about her. We came to your site and we looked at pics of her. She saw her bright smile, we cried as we read all about the hospitalizations etc. Keka said she had always tried to be brave and believe me she has been and she felt bad for being sad and dissapointed that she had come out of remission. She had so many emotions whirling about, but in the story of Kayla, she allowed herself to just be. The sad days were soon gone and her fighting spirit was soon back full force. She said something along the lines, that kids, like Kayla, and her, were just kids, even though they are sick, they are just kids and she forgot that for a bit. That she helped her remind her that (not to forget that she is just a kid, brave, strong and courageful but just a kid).

I don't know if this makes any sense. It was hard yet beautiful days those i am trying to share and really, it's her story to tell and she would do it justice.

Pls let Kayla know that she inspired my child when she needed it. Pls tell her that many of us, and many little angels like Keka are thinking of her and praying for her. Pls let her know that as your family knows, miracles do happen and that Keka has been there a couple of times. Pls let her parents know that as grey as some days are, some sun filled days come out of nowhere and make it all well again as it just happened with my Keka's ups and downs.

When she was first diagnosed, they told me to enjoy and celebrate her each year. Of course i would have anyways but it did take on a different meaning. Twice now, i have been more afraid than i could ever say. And twice now, i have had the blessings to know that she would be okay. So the fight goes on, great days, good days, awful days, sad days and then happy days. But days non the less. The fight and hope goes on. The prayers go on. The love goes on and life goes on. The life we all choose to make with what we have been given whether we feel its fair or not.

So from my heart, my kids heart, my Keka's heart to your family's and Kayla and her parents: Happy Merry Chritmas for the Joy of His Birth brings our Homes Love, Peace and Blessings.

Don't ever give up, we won't, not for us or for her. Much love and God Bless.

Always with you all in spirit.

and pls forgive me if i compared both girls situation. they are certainly different but sometimes the ache and worry is sometimes all the same.


Herman Verbrugge said...

Thank you for the update concerning Kayla. I think a lot about her because she is very special and an example for us. I admire the way she fight this awful sickness. I hope she can fulfil her dream to be a writer one day. When her first book will be published, I want to be one of the first to buy and read it. And with some help from you Susan that must be possible.
Please, send her my best wishes when she awakes in the recovery room tomorrow. And Merry Christmas Kayla.

Penny Halston said...

Dear Kayla,
Even though I don't know you, through your aunt's words we have come to know a little bit about you. You're an amazing and beautiful girl. It's such an awful disease and I am so sorry that you must do battle again, especially at this time of year. I'm praying that you will find peace and joy in the midst of this battle, and that you will be victorious. Big hugs. Hope the united prayers from all over give you an energy boost.
(P.S. Susan: Re: yesterday's blog. My son did a gig at a local venue and he dressed up, too. I hope I can post pics for you to see.)

deni said...

I am so happy that Kayla made it through the surgery so well, I am praying for a quick and complete recovery for her.

lorenzothellama said...

It's what we call here a Marsh Tit!

Skunkfeathers said...

Dear Ms. Kayla,

Through the pain of the moment, Merry Christmas to one terrific angel among us. My earlier comments stand as relevant now as they will years from now.

God bless you and your family this Christmas, and for the many good years ahead of you.

Herman Verbrugge said...

I am positive, and this is a good start for recovering. It's also good to hear she gets painkillers. Keep fighting Kayla.

patti_cake said...

May God continue to be with Kayla and her amazing strength shine on. (here via Walker)

Autumn Storm said...

Keeping my fingers crossed to that Kayla will be home for Christmas. Such an inspirational young lady, brave and determined. Congratulations on the inclusion in the book and on learning to swim again! :-)

Holties House said...

Hi Kayla, your friend Walker asked me to come by and wish you well, I hope you are going to get home for Christmas and that you have a very Happy Christmas and 2008 is a great year for you.
With love.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi, I've just come over from Walker's blog and I want to wish Kayla the very best of luck. She is one spunky young lady and doesn't deserve what she's going through. However, she has a wonderful attitude and that will take her a long way.

All the very best Kayla, I'm on your side.

Gypsy said...

Dear Kayla

My good wishes come all the way from Australia as your friend and mine, Walker, told us of your surgery. I am so happy for you that everything went well and more than anything I hope you can go home for Christmas and be with your family where you belong.

I wish I could give you a hug for showing us all what it is to be truly courageous. Good luck honey with the battle ahead, I just know you will remain victorious because of your beautiful spirit and determination. Happy Christmas!!

canuckabilly said...

Kayla reminds me so much of my Ellen. A writer, a fighter, and an inspiration to all of us healthy or otherwise. Merry Christmas

Josie said...

Omigosh, what a gutsy young lady Kayla is! Cancer is an awful thing, but it can be beaten. God bless you, and keep on fighting. You will win! You have all the positive vibes of everyone in the blogging community behind you, and that is a powerful force.

Anonymous said...

hello, i emailed you but got an error. anyway here's the reg cleaner i uses, this shit is good, don't stay without protection!

Walker said...

I stopped by to wish you, Kayla and your whole family a Merry Christmas :)

Brian said...

Merry Christmas to you, Kayla, and entire family!

chosha said...

I hope you have a good Christmas. It would be great if Kayla was out of the hospital for Christmas Day. Best wishes that it's so.

nachtwache said...

I'm here from Walker's to wish Kayla all the best, a full recovery and a wonderfilled Christmas!
A wonderful Christmas to you and your family as well. Imagine my surprise coming through an Ontario blog to yours, finding we live in the same neck of the woods. :)

canuckabilly said...

Merry Christmas

Monica said...

Stopping in to check on Kayla...hope everything is good and that you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Annie said...

I pray for Kayla every day. She is a similar age to my sons too. Sending her all my best wishes & lots of love. Hoping for a much helathier New Year for Kayla.

sharon said...

Wow, this kid has got spunk! I love it! It sucks so bad that she has to deal with all this, but one day she will be a famous writer, full of hope and inspiration. I can't wait to read all of her future writings!