Monday, December 17, 2007

My Little Viking.

Have you seen this young man walking through town? You may have thought he seemed a bit odd. It's not often you see guys dressed in kilts in these parts. My son wore this outfit on the weekend. He went into Vancouver dressed this way. He went to a dark metal celtic concert. He said lots of the concert goers were dressed this way. He actually made this kilt himself. Below is a clip of the band he went to see. They are called Amon Amarth. I just love their hair!


Walker said...

If thats what they wear they that's what the wear and he looks tgood in it.
What I want to know is how warm it is there because if he went outside with that on herein Ottawa you would have to go o ut there with the ice pick to chip him free to thaw him out.

Penny Halston said...

I can only imagine what it sounded like since I couldn't get any sound. I hope all their brains are still intact with all that shaking about. Funny how these bands can bring out the creative side isn't it? I'm sure your son will look back on these days fondly. Wonder what his future kids will think of daddy's outfit. LOL

Canadian flake said...

that is totally cool that he made the kilt himself..tell him wtg for me.

leslie said...

That's amazing and good for him that he got into the spirit of the band and music!

Anonymous said...

hi susan, I don't think Penny Halston missed too much with not getting the sound! The music was good, but the singer sounds like he has a bad case of laryngitis. However, their music is no worse that what your dad and I listened too at David's age. I remember your granddad screaming at us to turn the row off. We only had a small record player and 45's singles, and we had so little money to spare that we just bought one single between us once every few weeks. We then played it non-stop for hours and drove everyone in the house nuts.

One day your granddad yelled at us that we would never hear of the Beatles in two years, that was in 1963, he was soooo wrong! For your dad's 20th birthday, I saved up and bought us tickets to see the Beatles, live. It was in a small theatre and the concert, including bus tickets to get there, cost me two pounds each, about $5.00. Ahhh those were the days.

Herman Verbrugge said...

It was my intention to comment this post yesterday, but I forgot to do that. So it's time to do it now.
The outfit reminds me to times 1100 years ago, when the Scottish people wore these clothes everyday, and it's always cohohold in the Highlands. Have you seen the film Braveheart? The actor is not popular any longer, but I liked the story. BTW what was under the kilt? :-)
I laughed when I saw the band and the head bangers, great performance and it's always entertaining to listen to the crunching voices.