Thursday, November 29, 2007

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Can you spot it? No, it is not out of focus. See if you can figure out what is out of whack with this photo. First one to guess correctly recieves a prize!

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Now, onto my rant. We went walking today on the dyke. It was sunny and clear. The mountains were spectacular, but I have an issue....One of our favorite walking places has changed. At the north end of 216th street the road leads to a beautiful area known as Blue Heron Loop. The path leads through farms of blueberries which are spectacular in winter with the brilliant red branches showing.

Look at these two photos of the same area.


Granted, one of them is spring and the other is winter, so things look less lush anyways,but all the shrubbery and wild roses have been hacked down and what used to be a rutted grassy path, has been topped with about a foot deep of crushed rock and gravel.

I suppose it makes the area more accessible to people, as it will remain dry in all weather. The old dirt track would be full of puddles after a rain fall, but we would then just walk on the grass. Most of the dykes in the area are topped with all weather surfaces. We enjoyed it here so much because it was still a more natural setting. Well that's changed now!
Motorized vehicles are still not permitted on the dyke but they should be as it now looks like a roadway instead of a path! Some of the chunks of rock are so big you could easily twist your ankle on them. As for horses, this area is now a hazard to them. Sadly the road leading to this dyke is lined with ranches and boarding stables. Will they now be stuck riding on the roads amongst the traffic? I hope the city will put another layer of sand and finer gravel on top of the rock bed, but its been down a while and has yet to be topped, I get the feeling the job is done with. Perhaps a letter to cty hall is in order. It is a shame that instead of enjoying the view of the beautiful surroundings, now one must walk watching their step so as not to trip or twist an ankle! Not only is it harardous but is also really ugly. For me, this place is now ruined!


Cowboy Joe said...

I do believe that this was the topping to raise the dyke when the flooding scare of 2007 was in full cry. I kept saying it wasn't going to happen, but nobody really listened. My guess is that the top picture is a reflection in the Alouette River.

Bobbers said...

It's probably hard to ride a bike on that gravel too.

My guess is that the picture is reversed.

Hope you're enjoying these beautiful sunny days we've been having. They've predicted snow...again! I wonder if they'll be right this

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

The path will be blacktopped and the land has been sold to developers and 25 story condos will be built there.
Your picture, the foreground seems sharp enough, I think you separated the background in Photoshop and blurred it, then stitched it back into the image.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I changed my mind (I reserve the right to do that)
the picture is upside down

Walker said...

Hmmm I would say you were standing infront of a pool of water when you took that picture and the bottom part is a reflection of the top.

I need to clean my glasses.

The weather looks great, I wish it was our weather

Herman Verbrugge said...

Cowboy Joe is right! Turn the photo upside down and you see the reflection of the mountain tops and the blue air in the water. :-) Funny such puzzles

canuckabilly said...

I've experienced the same thing several times in my life where man has come along thinking he is making things better only to ruin it all. Times change and I guess it's true that things will never stay the same forever.