Friday, November 30, 2007

Haney Horsemen.

OK, You guys are all just so smart. Everyone figured it out. It is a photo of a reflection, posted upside down. So you all get a prize! Pick out any photo off my blogs or out of my flicker and I will send you a print in the size of your choice up to 8x10. You can email me your snail mail addresses at

Dad you don't count because all relatives and employees of the contest promotor are void from playing where prohibited, etc.

Now, here is a You Tube clip that I want to share. I don't ride horseback myself. But there are so many riders here and I love to photograph the horses. This clip shows off some of the scenery around here. The part where they say something like "walkers and their pets share the trails with riders" that part is the same dike that I blogged about yesterday. I hope you enjoy the ride!


Bobbers said...

I hope you don't mind Susan, but I "borrowed" two pictures of yours for my blog.

Do you have your snow shovel ready??!!

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

What do you mean, not elegible, boo hoo, not fair.

Cowboy Joe said...

Yay I'm so smart.... Of course, I too love to take pictures, so great minds, etc. We got a new camera. The Canon Rebel XTi.... I love it. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the season instead of worrying about the Ex. It's just not worth worrying about anymore. Good shall triumph.

leslie said...

Hi Susan! Just caught up on your last few posts. Love your chandelier decor! And I must say I agree with you about the pathway. It looked so much more "country" before and now, as you say, like a roadway. Since it's snowing here today I'm going to do my tree instead of meeting a friend for lunch as we had planned. Oh well, something will get done besides chat.

Martin Stickland said...

Today England is cold and wet, I bet you are glad that you left, is there any room over there for us?

I like your upsidy downy photo!


Josie said...

Hi, Susan, are you enjoying the snow? You probably have a ton more out there than we do here in the city.

Loved the video. I have been working so much lately, I haven't had time to visit any blogs, so I'm just catching up. How are you?

Herman Verbrugge said...

Thank you for the price I won in your contest and it's very nice of you to send me a photo card :-)
The video clip is great, I recognized the spot where you took your pictures.

Canadian flake said...

wow the video was amazing...thanks for sharing.

As far as the picture went, I am a moron...I knew something looked funny but I couldn't figure it out.

Guess I have brain freeze (from toooooo much

Walker said...

Its been awhile since i got a a horse, mind you it would have to be a Clydesdale to carry me now.

chosha said...

I'm sorry I didn't catch that early enough to enter. :( Shows how busy life's been lately.

Cool vid.