Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The latest

Where does the time go? Already, it's been almost a week since I posted.
Mum and Dad went home on Sunday, we had a good visit and they will be back soon. My Mums second cousin and her husband are coming up from the States for American Thanksgiving. I call them Aunty and Uncle. So we will have another nice family get together then. I havent had so much company since I cant remember when.
Sunday was the Remeberance Day Holiday. All my family went to the cenotaph for the observace. They were all in the parade. Keith's brother mike was there too as part of the RCMP contingent. He looks so good in his red surge police jacket. Of course his wife and family were all there too. I didn't go this year as I was having my daughters girls group over for lunch after the ceremony. My dad took some pictures for us which I will post later. I find it difficult to keep a dry eye when I see all the old soldiers out to remember their fallen commrads. I am glad my kids still feel an obligation to attend this very solomn ceremony.
After lunch I went to work at 3pm only to discover that I had been double booked. I was sent home. I was a bit annoyed because I was going to be paid extra because it was a holiday. Today by boss phoned and said it was her mistake that I was double booked and that I would be paid for the whole day! She is in a bit of hot water over it but at least I am not out a days pay!
Today Keiths back was finally feeling better. He has been resting his back all week. So today we finally got the tool room all tidied out. We still need to get the dry wall up and the tiles layed. Then it will be all ready for the waher and dryer to move in. I am in no rush, we don't want him to restrain his back, so slow and steady for the course.
Today I also raked up the rest of the leaves from the back yard. A couple of nights ago we had a HUGE wind storm. I think it blew off any leaves that were still on the trees. All except for the willow, it always lasts longer than the rest of them. The morning after the storm, I headed down the street to go to work and one of the neighbours trees had fallen over. It lay right across the road, ending up on the doorstep of the house across the street. I turned around and went the other way to work. When I called home later, on my coffee break, Keith said all the neighbours had been out there with chain saws and had chopped it all up and stacked it off the road. It was a huge mature cedar tree. He said he went out to see the tree and they had already cleared it away. Amazing what several men with chainsaws can do. Now it sure would be nice if these guys would like to come and do my drywall and tiles! But I dont think anything has the same aytraction as chopping things up to bits with big old noisy chainsaws. I am sure when it was all done they were looking around saying "That was fun! What else can we chop up?"
That was about all the excitement around here lately.
Oh my youngest son got a job, he starts tommorrow after school. Congratulations David. Just part time, but its a few bucks of his own for his pocket!
Thats it for me. Take care!


deni said...

I'm glad you had such a nice time with your family.

That's kinda cool that you got a day's pay without working.

And congrats to David on getting a job!

Dick said...

Isn't it amazing how life as we are living it seems so busy but later when we try to write down what happened it is hard to remember?

Louisiana said...

I love having family over. the more the better i say. the house is full of laughter and chats in both languages, someone is always doing something..

glad that your aunty and uncle are coming up. they will enjoy it up there, it is so beautiful, breath taking beautiful up where you live.

i'm glad your family still respects the sacrifice that many have given for the freedom of us all. not everyone does. not at all. that is sad.

i'm glad you are getting paid. it would have been greatly noted for double time, or time and a half is alot of $. it is nice of her to stick up for you. you obviously have a great place of work, where you are apprecitated. good. that has to feel good.

congrats to David. i'm sure he will do great.

glad your hubby is on the mend. back stuff sucks. poor guy..good he has a sexy nurse to look after him ;p

take care...hope Kayla is well..haven't read anything lately. no news is great news i hope.


Bobbie said...

I'm glad you had such a good visit with your family. It's always nice to have family around.

Congrats to David on his new job. Hope he doesn't have to commute too far.

I can sympathize with Keith on the bad back. Being in pain really can wear a person down.

Take care and hope you are getting time to relax.

Herman Verbrugge said...

Yes!... Susan is back, and she had so much to tell. :-) Thank you for the update and I'm looking forward for the photos of the famous Canadian police in their uniforms.

sharon said...

Well that was very fair of your boss to pay you for the day. Some bosses really know when they have a good employee and want to treat them right.
I'm glad you had fun with the family. Hope hubby's back holds up!

Penny Halston said...

What a nice treat to get paid even though you didn't have to work. Good for your son. I think part time jobs are a good experience.

Michael Manning said...

A very intersting Blog post and Congratulations toDavid on landing the job!

Walker said...

We shouild never forget what a few went through so we can enjoy the freedoms we have today.

Congrats to David in getting a job