Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Family Camping Trip

Keith , me, the boys, Heidi and her best bud, Steph, headed for the hills for a couple of nights. With the van loaded up with camping gear and the canoe, we headed off up to Golden Ears Provincial Park. The campgrounds up there are amazing. Huge sites, surrounded by huge pine and cedar trees and dense underbrush. You almost feel like you are up in the middle of nowhere. Yet it is just a 20 minute drive from our house. Not much of a get away you may think, just a few kilometers from home. But with only a couple of days, why waste time travelling far, when we live in such a beautiful place?

We got the tents set up, one for us and one for the kids. We made supper over the campfire, salmon for the vegetarians and burgers for the rest of us. Followed by smores for the kids. None for me thanks! Smores are made by melting marshmallows over the fire on the end of a stick then placing it between two graham crackers with a piece of chocolate. The whole lots is all gooey and melty, but apparently quite delicious. After my busy week, I was pretty pooped out, so headed into my tent by 1opm and fell promptly asleep.

The dog loved romping through the water and fetching sticks. It was so warm and sunny on the beach and out in the open. The woods and the campsites were cooler though due to the dense shade. Once he was back at camp, poor little Binny would start to shiver. So the kids bundled him up in towels and blankets and sat him on a chair by the fire. What a spoiled pup he is. These kids treat him like a toddler. Lucky for us though, they had the dog in the tent with them at night and they got to enjoy the noxious vapours that only dogs seem capable of producing!

In the morning, we went down to the lake, accessed by a short trail through the woods. It seems short when you just walk down there but when you are hauling a huge canoe, it felt like a couple of miles! The water was so still and quiet. I just had to take a little video to share the beauty of this place with you, I wanted to be able to show it off! Yes! Even amidst the solitude of Allouette Lake, I was thinking of you guys! Heidi was up in the front, and Keith paddled from the rear, while Steph and I got to lounge in the center like ladies of leisure trailing our fingertips in the cool water. Very nice. After we got back to the beach, Keith and I got out and the girls went off canoeing on their own. They found a secluded spot and went skinny dipping! Cheeky girls!

I am trying to upload a video I made of our canoe ride, its taking forever, I hope it works, I took it with you guys in mind. I just wanted to share the beauty and stillness of this place with everyone. It worked! See the VIDEO at the end of this post!

While we were out on the water, the boys went off hiking in the woods, for hours. They are both get such great enjoyment out of being in the forests. They love their solitude and the peace of this place. They hiked all day and did'nt see one other person out there. Kind of scarey to me, to think how hard it would be to locate them if they got lost! They seem to have little built in compasses though.

By supper time they were all starving. By the time they all got back to camp, I had a nice dinner ready for them. Potoatoes, carrots and onions, sprinkled with garlic, dried red chilly peppers and oregano, wrapped in foil and cooked on the fire. Salmon and smokies as well. They gobbled that down in a hurry.

After supper we sat around the fire, chatting, my favorite part of camping. Late night snacks of frozen pizza, folded in half and cooked over the fire. Thats David's speciality! I am so grateful to have teenagers who still enjoy time with family. It was a wonderful couple of days. Andrew will be twenty soon, I wonder how many more trips away like this there will be. Won't be long and it will be just hubby and me and the kids will be off doing their own things.


leslie said...

I absolutely LOVE your video - so peaceful and serene on the calm waters. Great job and I'm so envious of your getaway! :D

Canadian flake said...

wow the video was amazing... thanks for sharing. I know it might seem sad but camping alone with the hubby could be fun too...hee hee hee. I did it once and lovedddddd it...lmao. thanks for sharing the pics.

mom said...

lovely blog Susa, glad you all got to do this family thing before school starts up again. The kids will remember these times all their lives.

Dina said...

Seems like you had a wonderful time camping and the sound of the water whilst canoing is so relaxing. You are surrounded by three gorgeous and handsome teenagers!! I hope my family will be so united when the kids reach teenage years (which I dread so much :( !

Penny Halston said...

I am a little envious that your getaway is only 20 minutes away from home - how awesome it that! The scenery is lovely.(And skinnydipping in a secluded place, that sounds a little tempting...tee hee) My 3 grown kids would still hang out with their parents, but the logistics of it seems impossible. The plans with their friends seems to be a little stronger than mom and pop. That and their part-time work schedule, etc. Enjoy! Enjoy!

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Sounds like a nice weekend.... but where are the life jackets for the canoe trip....tsk tsk tsk

Deb said...

Hi Susan,

Sounds like a lovely trip. These are memories you'll savor for the rest of your lives. Someday your children will tell their grandchildren about that wonderful camping trip back in 07, and your joy will live on and on. Great video too - Isn't it amazing that we can share that moment with you?

Deb in Oliver

zingtrial said...

I went camping at the source of the River Nile-it was so good :).I hope you guys had a good time too. He!He!He!.Nice video and looks like you are a lot fitter now :).
Wishing you all the best

Josie said...

Phooey, I wasn't able to open the video.

Love photos. And, hey, there's ain't nothin' like skinny dipping.


Anonymous said...