Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happily Exhausted.

It has been a heckuva week around these parts. We have been so busy with family visiting and it was wonderful. But I was juggling the visiting around me working night shifts all week and trying to sleep through the mornings.
My niece, Kayla and her family came to visit from Edmonton. Kayla's dad is my husband, Keith's brother.
Wednesday evening we went out for Greek Food, it sure was nice to see Kayla tuck into the food. When she was in hospital she had no appetite and had lost so much weight. Such a relief to see her doing so well now. After dinner I slept for an hour then went to work for the night.
On Thursday morning I got home from work and slept for a few hours. We left the house at three and headed over to Grandmas house in the next town as we had planned a girls night out. All the 'girls' from Keith's family were taking Kayla and her wee sister Lexi, out for dinner and shopping. Keith and the "guys" were going off doing their own 'boys' night.
Unfortunately there was an accident on the bridge so we were stuck in traffic for three times the usual time it takes. The sun was beating down on us, but there was a nice breeze and we had good tunes on the radio. I just looked at it as being Gods way of giving Heidi and I a little more time with Kayla to ourselves.
Of course, before we left, they all had to pose on Grandmas door step for the obligatory family portrait! I love how they are all squinting in the sun!
This is Kayla in the restaurant, looking as grown up and beautiful as ever. I left after dinner to go home and sleep a bit before I went back to work for my fifth and final night shift.

When I got home, I checked in on Curtis's Blog to find that Ellen had passed away that morning. It was kind of a good thing I was so busy as it didn't give me much time to dwell on her being gone and poor Curtis left without her. I had a busy weekend ahead of me, but they would be in my mind throughout the entire time. I couldn't sleep before going to work. I lay in bed with tears dampening my pillow for a woman I had never met in person.
The next morning I got a couple hours sleep then was up by 1130 to prepare for a BBQ lunch at our place. All the family was coming over. We had 22 people for lunch. They were great and all brought something as they knew I had been at work all night. Thirteen kids were in and out of the pool and it gives me such a great feeling of family pride to see how nicely all these cousins get along. At one point, Our son David was giving Kayla and Lexi drumming lessons. Lexi astounded us by playing a complicated drum set like a pro! She is naturally talented. David was even impressed, he said "I can't believe how good she is, she is almost as good as me!" I think I know what Lexi will be asking for this christmas!

They were all so busy playing that nobody even gave Kayla a glance as she removed her prosthesis and got into the pool. She amazed me with her swimming ability. She swam as though she still had two full legs. I suppose the water makes you so buoyant. Non the less I was impressed. Not just with her ability, but with her whole attitude. She never stopped smiling the whole time. Of course as usually happens, the women end up sitting in a little area to do their yacking and gossiping, while the men took up residence around another table.
When the guys finished eating and shooting the breeze, they played some Bocche Ball. Keith even had his tape measure out to measure close calls. Talk about competitive!
I am so pleased to see Heidi and Kayla pick up their friendship as though they have never been apart. I was worried that Heidi may feel awkward or unsure of how to treat Kayla, but she just treated her with the same love she always has and thoroughly enjoyed their time together, even sharing a bed at night. I am sure Kayla must be exhausted as there were hours of giggles and laughter each evening before any sleeping actually occurred!
Saturday morning, Heidi and I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast per Kayla's request. After that her Mom came to take her back home. Her three siblings would be staying an extra night and going home with their dad. So we said our goodbyes to her. Until next time.
Last night the other kids stayed at Auntie Donna's place, she's Keith's sister. They had plans this morning . So Keith and I went into town to enjoy the Arabian Nights Festival, where I joined in on the free belly dancing lessons! Now that was fun! I hope I didn't throw by back out with all that shimmying!

After I had my fill of undulating and gyrating, we went off back to Keith's Moms for one last dinner with every one. Then back to Donna's to see them off. With one more front porch group shot to mark the occasion.
It was a crazy, busy week, but the sort of busy that leaves you smiling and feeling filled with love.
Now we have a week to unwind and relax as we begin our vacation time. It seems positively vacant now they are all gone. Oh well, only a five days to go and our next visitor arrives... My moms cousin LEE is coming in from Scotland for a month on the first of September. I can't wait! Ahhh the joys of a big family. I am soooo lucky.
Goodnight. I am going to bed and its actually night time!


sharon said...

Sounds wonderful! You are lucky to have a big family who gets along well. We were raised to appreciate the great value of family. It's a gift that not everyone is blessed with, and should not be taken for granted. I can tell that you know exactly how lucky you are to have them. Take care Susan, and have a great time with your second cousin from Scotland, Lassy!

Herman Verbrugge said...

What a nice story and what a BIG family you have. It's so good to see all those happy faces. You are blessed with all this.

Penny Halston said...

I haven't always appreciated my large family, but the older I get, the more I value them. You are a lucky woman.

Dick said...

It is good to see Kayla doing so well. Being tired from such a wonderful family experience is a very good way to be tired. As Penny says, the older we get the more important our families and friends become.

Bobbie said...

What busy times for you and your family! It's so nice to see pictures of Kayla enjoying herself.

Hope you find some time for yourself, now that you're on vacation.

Take care.

Curtis said...

Wow I can see why you were happily exhausted. What a nice family. Kayla reminds me of Ellen, smiling at adversity and going forward.

Walker said...

Big family weekend and alot of fun by the sounds of it.
It's good to here Heidi and Kayla picked up from where they had left off.
Friends only see friends that never changes.

leslie said...

I am so envious of your huge family. My one sister has 2 sons who are way older than my 2 daughters and my other sister never married or had children. My late husband's brother and his wife chose not to have children. So it's always a very small gathering when we're ALL together. I always wanted more children but now I'm enjoying my first grandchild and waiting for more. Glad you had such a wonderful time and good to hear you have Scottish blood in there, too!

Canadian flake said...

wow sounds like you had a wonderful week...wtg and congrats.. glad ev1 could get is so important.

Anonymous said...