Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Summer time means holidays for most folks. A chance to get away from the everyday sights. Even if you live somewhere that other people come to for there holidays, its still nice to get a change of scenery. Like Dina, she lives in Malta, but is getting away to Germany for a few weeks.
And my niece Kayla and her family are headed to London today to see the sights in that great city and to meet JK Rowling. I hope she has as much fun as Keith and I did when we were there in '03.
We have time off in August, but haven't made any definite plans yet. Keith will be going on a GUYS getaway. Taking our sons and a bunch of other dads and lads on a canoeing trip. Heidi and I will go up to the Okanagen for a few days to visit my parents.
We are also expecting company in August, as Kayla's family plans to drive out to BC for a week. So we will be entertaining them. I look forward to taking Kayla to the beach in Vancouver. I promised her we would take her back there when she was back on her feet.

This photo was in '05 before she found out she would be losing a leg to cancer. We had been out to Saskatchewan and brought her home with us. With a stop in the Rocky Mountains, this shot the kids pose in front of Castle Mountain.
One of my favorite photos of them.! I hope they carry fond memories of our little family excursions into adulthood.

I have great memories of my own childhood holidays. We lived in England until I was nine years old. Every summer we would go down to Wales and stay in a rented caravan that was close to the beach. That's me in the pink dress, my sister Carol in the blue dress and one of the twins, Sheila in front.

My very first holiday was a trip to Blackpool, a seaside resort not far from were we lived. I don't remember this picture being taken as I was only two weeks old! But I do have memories of many other excursions to that wonderful holiday place throughout our time in England. My parents were always good at making special times away from home, even if it was just a day trip. Every outing was a holiday. Mum made great picnics with the best warm banana sandwiches you ever tried! I had never seen a picnic cooler until we got older. It didn't happen often, but the times we got treated to an ice cream cone were a dream come true. To splash out on cones for all four girls was a luxury! One of my favorite things to get at the beach were those little paper flags on toothpicks to stick in the tops of our sandcastles!

Keith (Mr.Thousandwordsworth) often speaks of the holidays his family had in the gulf islands. Memories of mischief with all his siblings and cousins. How Grandma could rule with a wooden spoon! Sinking the rowboat on the lake. Riding their bicycles to town to fetch drinking water to the cabin.

All this reminiscing is giving me the beach itch. My kids are getting old now for sandcastles. These days a trip to the beach is a chick spotting opportunity! The boys don't come out with us much anymore, they are getting too busy with their own lives. I am so glad that we had so many outings with them over the years. Lots of mini holidays, camping trips and days at the beach or park. Its true, the old saying "Treasure these days because they grow up so fast." I think we made a special child hood for them. Hopefully they will look back on these times as fondly as I do on my childhood.
What are your families plans for the summer?


Sienna said...

This is the sweetest, most loving and fun family blog, it is literally freezing here, hail, snow and frost (after each other nearby) but my heart warms at your pictures...

Just the greatest of pics your husband and daughter, that is a beautiful pic....huge message is: love your family and enjoy every precious minute you have with them.

Actually some of the beach pics look a little Australian!


Kathy said...

The photos are lovely, they really capture the essence of summer.

The photos of Kayla are especially touching.

I have a terrible time looking at photos of my niece or of Steven before he was diagnosed, it is such an emotional potpourri that leaves me feeling drained, angry and tearful and guilty.

I hope you enoy the rest of your summer, and the visit with your family, it all sounds so lovely.

Penny Halston said...

I agree with sienna. My dad is very ill right now and I've been remembering the family times that we shared. With my own kids, I treasure our vacations, especially since they are going their own ways. I hope they feel the same way. You and your family are great. I love visiting. Thanks.

Heather F said...

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Monica said...

I love the pictures. However, let's get something straight. We all understand that J.K. Rowling is having the honor meeting Miss Kayla, NOT the other way around. You be sure to tell her I said that, okay?

I'm going to Tennessee next month and then moving there a few weeks after. If um...Dusty has his way there's going to be a marriage ceremony but I think we're going with either September or spring.

leslie said...

Well, since I had the greatest holiday last October/November by traveling to Italy, England, and Wales, this summer I'm staying home and entertaining a friend who's coming up from Arizona. She's never been here before, and as you mentioned, people come HERE to vacation! So it's going to be such fun showing her the sights and sites and being a tourist in my own home town.

Vickie said...

I love your pictures and wow someone saw them and wants to use them---see I told you that you had "The Eye" it is great to see others recognized and want to pay you for your talent.

I know Kayla is going to have the time of her life. She is meeting one that I respect and one who has a special place in my heart. Her mom had MS and often she gives to support and fight for a cure to be found.

i know you will enjoy whatever you do in Augusta--you just know how to enjoy life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, great blog. It was really nice to look back on, and remember family vacations. Most of our vacations were day trips, as that was all we could afford. I love the pic of you me and dad at Blackpool. It was my favourite spot as a child and the first place I wanted to take you.

It was lovely to see the pic of you, Carol and Sheila in Wales, you were such little innocents and really cute. I didn't appreciate at the time, just how cute you were. It just seemed like an awful lot of work raising four litle ones who were so close in age.

What wonderful women you all have become, I am so proud of you all. I hope that you all look back on childhood as a good experience, I was very short of time and patience and regret wishing that you would grow up faster. They really are great times to look back on and I'm glad that you all inherited dad and my love of nature and the wonderful world around you.

I thank God daily for the wonderful woman you are, if I helped create your beautiful nature, then I truly contributed to the beauty of this world.

mom said...

me again, I m not annonomous, I am a very proud mom of four lovely daughters.

Anonymous said...