Sunday, June 24, 2007


This morning the heavens opened up and we we're awful glad to be witnessing it from indoors! I love the sound of a hard rain. Our deck has a corrugated vinyl cover, so it really made a racket on that. I took a video to show you how hard it can rain here. The noise you hear on the video is actual the rain drumming the roof, it almost sounds like static. It must have rained 6 inches in less than an hour. Now the sun is trying to break through but I just heard a thunder clap! Strange weather for this time of year.

Speaking of which, Ellen and Curtis don't live far from where a tornado touched down and destroyed homes and overturned semi trucks. No mention of it on their blogs so I guess it didn't effect them.
Also, today is a very special someones birthday. Carol, my sister is turning 41. Happy Birthday Sis. I Love YOU!!! I am so proud of her Carol will soon be celebrating two years of being drug free and has moved into her own place last month. Finally independent again . She lived with us for two years as she recovered both physically and emotionally from her injuries and addiction. Two years ago she hit rock bottom as her addiction to crack had ruined her life and almost died as a result of a brutal domestic dispute.
Last week we had a family get together for fathers day and it was so nice to have the family feeling so healthy again.

My back feels alot better this morning. It still hurts, but with the muscle relaxers, its now down to a dull roar!


Andrew said...

It seems the winter snows have only just stopped here in Colorado, and now we're seeing temperatures hovering around 100 degrees and already the fire danger is at 'extreme'.

Send us some of that rain, will you?

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

We had a shower today and it is raining lightly out now, we have had a massive 3 inches of rain, total, since January first. Have a look at the Oliver Chronicle website to see how little rain we get

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Nice post today for you, look at my blog for a picture of Emma taken today.
I must email carol and wish her happy birthday

Someone in Al Ain said...

wooh..lucky you..i like rain so much..

where i live..didnt rain that much ant not often..

Martin Stickland said...

Hello Susan, thanks for popping by my blog!

That's just like the rain in little old England (Do you miss England? I bet not!)

Nice photos on your blog, it looks lovely there, I hope your aches and pains get better!



Herman Verbrugge said...

Happy belated Birthday to your brave sister Carol. And you all can be proud of her, she showed a lot of strong character.
Good to know your back is getting better. Has it something to do with your work?
And last but not least, your video is great but a little wet when I pushed the Play button. Now I know which swimming pool you have in the picture of Google Earth :-)

ellen said...

Way to go, Carol, and I'm glad your pain is subsiding. I think we've had enough rainstorms for this month now; I was awake all night with thunder and lightning, and it's still raining.

ellen said...

Oh, and no, we weren't affected by the tornadoes, but a community a half hour outside of the city was devastated. Luckily, no one was injured.

Bobbie said...

We have the same type of patio cover, so I'm familiar with that sound of the rain. Where, oh where has the sunshine gone!!

I hope Carol had a great birthday. She's endured so much but has come out on top, with lots of help from family and friends.

Hope you have a good week and your aches and pains disappear.

Canadian flake said...

Happy birthday AND wtg to your sister. Listening to rain is one of my favourite ways to relax. I love the smell after a fresh rain. Hope you feel better soon.

sharon said...

I know the rain has been coming down hard here too, and hail! Man, the night before last it came down with a vengence! Glad to hear your back is feeling better, though I dont recall reading about it hurting. I probably blinked. LOl. congrats to your sis for overcoming her hard times. lets hope it's smoothe sailing from now on for her.

Penny Halston said...

Strange weather, all around. I live in the same neighbourhood as Ellen. It kind of makes you think twice when tornadoes come that close. I'm not worried at home, but when my kids go camping, I worry. A few days ago, a tornado struck the campsite we always camp at.
Good for your sister. That must have been very difficult for your entire family. Sorry to hear about your shoulder.

Walker said...

The weather has been weird this year.
Its been cold hear one day and hot as blazes the next.
Now we want rain and maybe a tornado to go by parlament would be to bad LOL

I'm glad to hear your back isn't hurting as much

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...