Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Long Way Home

I dropped my son off at Great Aunty Valerie's place, in Port Coquitlam on Friday for his math tutorial. She is such an intelligent and patient lady. This is more than just learning math, they are learning more about each other as well. With an almost 50 year age difference, they are shrinking the generation gap during this one-to-one time together. Valerie is Keith's Mom's twin. She has never married or had children of her own. But she couldn't be more devoted to the children who's lives she is a part of. Both Keith's generation and now our children. It is such a privilege to have this fine lady take such a huge role in all our lives.
After a cup of tea, I left them to their studies and set off for home. I could have come home the direct route, along the highway. But I prefer to go along the back roads. There, the views of the mountains and farms are unhindered by the shops and billboards that clutter the main road. Also, the traffic is better. The speed limit may be slower, but there aren't any traffic lights along the old roads. Call me old fashioned but I like the slow way best. I'd rather putter along and enjoy the scenery than be stuck at red lights with little to see but the traffic all around.

In Pitt Meadows, I found several farms had the calves out in the sunshine. How can anyone look at these little guys and then eat a cheese burger. AWWW! They are so cute.

Further along, I got out of my car to photograph this old red barn and the horses but the sun wasn't really at the right angle. I think Ill go back here sometime in the morning, so the barn won't be in the afternoon shadow. While i was there, a car pulled over and the man driving it told me that he had grown up on this farm and what wonderful memories it brought him every time He drives by it.

Across the road from the barn was another old farm. On the property was this old fire engine. What a cool old keepsake that is. It reminds me of when we were small. The house behind my grandmas home had half an old bus shell in the back yard almost hidden from sight by the lilac trees that grew around it. All the neighborhood children used to love climbing in there and playing all sorts of imaginary games. I can almost smell the mingling fragrance of lilac and motor oil! The windows were so dirty you could barely see through them. We must have come home so filthy after playing in there! Its a safe bet that many local kids will have had some fun with this old fire engine.

I stopped off for a short while at a favorite local beauty spot. It was bustling with people making the most of the nice weather. Folks out walking their dogs, jogging, pushing baby buggies, sitting on benches people watching, drinking coffee. And some like myself, taking photos of it all against a backdrop of scenery unrivaled anywhere in the world. Then I spotted these two "boys" out on the pond, with a remote control model sea plane. They got it up in the air for a while, but it was a bit windy, so they settled on driving around the water surface as enthusiastic as a couple of school boys! I know Keith would love to have a toy such as this!


Walker said...

Very nice pictures.
Taking your time to smell the roses (Ok manure sometimes) is more enjoying than watching life blast past your window.

Keiths aunt even though never married or had children of her own is a mother just the same to all of your kids.
I have an aunt like that aswell and she is always there helping in one way or the other.

ellen said...

How nice that your son and his great aunty have that kind of relationship; you just can't put a price tag on that kind of bond. Love those farm pictures, especially the old fire truck.

Josie said...

That picture of your son and his Great Aunty Valerie says it all, doesn't it? They are both getting so much out of their relationship with each other.

My gosh, your photos are gorgeous. You truly live in the most beautiful part of the Lower Mainland. I love back roads as well. I love the "lower road" along the water to Horseshoe Bay, especially at sunset.


Dina said...

My brother in-law lives in |Port Coquitlam and we will be spending june with them this year!! maybe we can meet?!

Michael Manning said...

Susan: These pictures are refreshing! Also what a nice bond between your son and his Aunt. I'll bet she has a great way of making learning fun!

sharon said...

Nice post, Susan. I feel like I went for a walk with you. I so love spring, when everyone comes out of hibernation and can be seen walking dogs and babies, lovers strolling hand in hand, kite fliers at the park, roller-bladers and bike riders. It's like everything comes alive.

Anonymous said...