Friday, April 20, 2007

Holding Hands

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Holding hands.
A simple expression of affection.
Often done out of love and the simple human need for touch of some kind that connects us in more ways than one. I still get a rush when he takes my hand in his. When he squeezes it, I know he is thinking "love you".

But once again, I have been left husbandless. He was only home for three days and was called away again. Such is the price I pay for being married to such an important man. The world can't seem to manage without him. But I guess I have to, some how.

Here today, it was a gorgeous clear day. I headed out with my camera. After driving around a while through Maple Ridges farm areas, I ended up down near the marina at the end of Reichenbach Rd. This is where the Allouette River empties into the Pitt River. Lots of boats and pretty shots to be had in this spot. But walking along the dyke there, only made me miss him more. If he were here he would be holding my hand.

It was fortunate that someone else had joined my expedition into the great outdoors today. I had invited someone special to join me on my wanderings. We walked along chatting and spotting optimum photo moments. On the way back to the car, I felt a warm soft hand take hold of mine and give me a little squeeze. We walked back along that last Kilometer hand in hand and feeling the love between us. I am glad that my huband understands my need of affection. He doesnt have any qualms about me having this person fill in for him when he is out of town. Even sharing my bed when he is away. Sleeping alone is for the birds. She may be 16, But my daughter is still a mommies girl. She takes full advantage of daddy being away and gets in as much hand holding and snuggle time as she can with me.

It is kinda nice.

The sun was warm and the rocking of the dock was soothing. Heidi said it was like being in a cradle. I would have joined her on the boards but I would have probably fallen fast asleep!

Along the dykes are memorial benches. Families can buy them and have a plaque engraved upon it in rememberance of a loved one. Some of the plaques are to touching they bring a tear to your eye. We passed this bench on our walk. The flowers must have been brought for this persons birthday on the 18th. This bench faces the river and the mountains. You can sort of see the view in the reflection on the plaque. Some loving hand had recently polished this small memorial, perhaps with a hanky damp with tears. Happy Birthday Pieter.


Herman Verbrugge said...

This is a very nice post Susan. I enlarged the photos and they are beautiful. In the last one I can read the Dutch name Pieter Boddeveld, he was 71 years old when he died. I appreciate your words when you mentioned his name.

Vickie said...

A post so full of love---you have such a beautiful way of expressiong yourself be it with your words or your photos.

You are a very talented lady--and one I am so pleased to have in my life. Thank you for being the special lady you are, my friend.

Hop you have a nice weekend---and enjoy all the hande holding time you can get. :)

Bobbie said...

What a great way to spend a day with your daughter. Heidi looks so relaxed laying on the dock and soaking up the sun.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and hope Keith gets home soon.

mom said...

lovely post Susan, you have a wonderful way with words and camera.

The family of Pieter must feel truly blessed when they sit and contemplate the beautiful view, it was probably one of his favourite spots. To my mind a spot much closer to God and his handiwork than in a churchyard.

Hope Keith is not away too long, however, I know Heidi is enjoying having you to herself.

Anonymous said...