Monday, April 02, 2007

Back to clouds!


We have been duped! Saturday was so gorgeous and bright, it felt like spring. This morning we woke up to a dusting of snow. It continues to snow and rain, but thankfully, it isnt sticking! Come back sunshine!!! I am posting more photos from Saturday. Posting some sun and spring in an attempt to forget todays weather!


Keith , my Dad and Andrew headed up to Simon Fraser Univercity (SFU) this morning. Andrew had an appointment with a councellor there. It is exciting to see this young man enthusiastic about his future. He wants to take environmental Sciences with a view to becoming a biologist. Dad went along with his camera in hopes of some interesting photo ops on the grounds. I stayed behind to get caught up on the laundry and house work before I go to work. The bones from lastnights ready cooked chicken that Keith so lovingly picked up from the grocery store, is now boiling in the soup pots with a couple of onions. Smells good.
The other day I was getting my hanging baskets cleaned out an filled with with soil in anticipation of the planting season. While pulling out some dead plants I must have grabbed a bee and was stung for the first time in my life. It has taken me almost 42 years to figure out why people are so scared of bees! It got me right on the end of my pinky finger. OUCH!! I put deodorant on it and that helped a bit. I guess with spring comes the chance of such interactions with nature.

Andrew, David and Brian (Andrews best friend), all went for a hike yesterday up the Golden Ears. Brian and Andrew have been friends since they were 10 yrs old. They were in the same class when we moved here and took to each other right away. Brian is practically my third son. They took the camera and heres a coouple of shots of their hike. They were lucky not to get rained on as the cluds had started to move back in again.


Once you get up there, its just miles of forest and mountains. I get a little worried about them getting lost. But you cant tell boys anything! Of course I have images of them falling off cliffs or being chased by hungry bears! Some of the lower forests have been clearcut in years gone by, so much of the wood where the boys were is second growth.

Dave and Brian standing on an old cut

The logger marks still visible on the log.

They took a bit of video too, I will try to post it soon. It a wonderful feeling as a mom, to see my boys so close. They have such totaly different personalities, but are the best of friends. After the hike they played Dungeons and Dragons down in Daves room all evening. They were still at it when I got home at 11.30. How do you like that cool orange table? I picked it up at the Sally Ann for $15. The sides fold down and is only about 8 inches wide. great for a game table and goes up against a wall out of the way after. This is the bedroom that we converted from our carport. I dont think I ever posted pictures of it. I love the wall lights we put up in here. They are brushed steel and are perfect for a young mans room. Dont these two best buds look like brothers? Brian looks more like a brother to Andrew than David does!


Have a super week everyone!


sharon said...

OUCH! Your first bee sting! feels like someone stuck you in the finger with a cigarette, doesn't it?

Gary said...

Environmental sciences sounds like a wonderful profession. I am wishing him the very best of luck.

We don't have snow in April here in Southeast Texas. Actually, we never have it in the winter either. I wish we did.

Josie said...

Hey, your Dad's a hunk!

Isn't this weather gorgeous?

I have deleted my blog, but I will be back.


Bobbie said...

I got stung behind the ear last year....hurt like heck!!
What a surprise the snowfall was this morning. I'm glad it didn't last!

Take care and have a great week.

Dina said...

You have a very handsome looking family!! Sorry for the bee sting.

Josie said...

BTW, I have a new blog and you can link to it through this comment. I had to take mine down, but there is another one in its place.


Anonymous said...