Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Living for Today

Kayla had her check up today. Her leg is completely free of any cancer! It appears that the chemo finished it off!!!
Her Blood counts are all up and she is feeling great.
She did get a bit of news regarding 3 tiny lesions in her lungs. 2 were there before treatment and havent gotten any worse. There was a third slightly larger lesion on this last scan. Right now the docs arent sure that it is anything to worry about. They will keep an eye on her and recheck her soon. Please continue to hold her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. She has been so homesick and is so happy to be back home.
This morning, we piled our two youngest into the car, and headed out to the big box shop that starts with "W", out in Abbotsford. It was dark and broody when we left with spatterings of rain. The sky looked incredible with some huge black clouds and some very bright spots showing through. Almost looked like a tornado green sky. (I learnt that from Twister!). We got to the shop and there was a huge sale. so we got boot-cut jeans for the boys for $17.98 a pair. At that price, we stocked up. they each got three pairs. Keith decided to get himself two pair that were on for $13.98 a pair! These guys go through jeans like I go through Kleenex. They each got a value pack of socks too. That should last untill September. Should, I say. David is likely to to tear his the first time he rides his bike!

After shopping, we stopped in Mission to see the dam. The road goes right over this old hunk of concrete and affords a great view. This shot looks down to the Hydro-Electric generator plant, and the swollen river valley. The sun started to come out here too! We have had so much rain this week that the reservoir is full. But the water is just trickling now. A couple days back it was poring out as the let some water out due to getting 176cm of rain in 48 hours. It just got clearer as the wind kept blowing the clouds away.
Here the kids are standing looking the opposite side of the dam. See how full the reservoir is! They are both squinting as the wind was blowing in their eyes along with the sun.

By the time we got home, the sky was comletely blue. I had to get out and see what was happening in the yard. The forscythia is finally blooming. It is so late this year. I am so looking forward to spring!

I went to my photography class this evening. I learned alot abot the manual settings of my camera, so now I need to experiment more . Hope I don't forget it all. This is a shot in the dark that I took on the way home. What do you think?


Dina said...

cool... photography class!!! always wanted to know more about photograpy. what where you aiming at in your last photo??

Bobbie said...

Glad that Kayla's leg is cancer-free. She must be so happy to be home!

Great bargains you and your family found. No wonder you stocked up on several pairs.

I'm guessing the last picture is of the sliver moon with the star above it that was visible in the sky last night. Hope you enjoy your photography class.

Take care and Happy Hump Day!

Walker said...

Great new about Kayla.

Wow those are good prices for jeans.

I got to get back to BC and ahve a little walk about on of these days I know i missed so much the last time i was there.

have a nice day

Evan said...

Its a great post, always my fav to see one full of pics. It's funny just how interesting a daytrip on the road can be. Especially in a different country, you saw all this on a trip to the shops!!!!

deni said...

That is wonderful news about Kayla, and of course she is still in my thoughts and prayers!

ellen said...

I'm delighted about Kayla's news. I pray that she remains free of the Monster forever.

Sienna said...

Beautiful photos, love the pic of the bridge over the dam, the water is almost green?

Gorgeous kids you have, loving kids, and although I am only visiting in at an eleventh hour of the story of your lives, that is wonderful news for the beautiful young woman, Kayla...(I love her name)..she will indeed be in our Australian prayers for continued good results, health and happiness..

When the light and colors get going in the sky the photographers are in their element!
Never seen a forscythia before, it's an amazing color and the blue behind it, could be Australia! ha haa..

I gotta say, god bless denim, it is a wonderful thing to behold cute men in denim, I love denim.

What's your camera Susan that you can take pictures at night, that's my dream, to get great night pictures of the moon when it goes through it's phases.


Josie said...

Susan, I am not familiar with who Kayla is, but I'm sure glad her leg is cancer-free. Be sure the doctors keep an eye on the spots on her lung!

Gorgeous photos. All places I recognize... :-)


Anonymous said...